The rise of Islamist militancy and atheism in the Middle East

Some theists argue that Arab atheists approach on atheism is actually irrational because it's a reaction against the Islamist militancy,,
I don't think that this has to do with rationality but, perhaps it's a kind of a social evolution and that rings a bell to me.. I attributable this to the rise of Islamist militancy.. It lead one to become a non religious or at least lead one to despise theocracy..

Do think that rise of Islamist militancy lead to religious doubts among youth?

Or, Is history repeating itself here? "I'm referring to the "anti-Christian revolutions" in Europe"

I'd like to hear views on this as Western atheists :)

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With all due respect, Hope, most Westerners are so out of touch with Islamic youth, that any opinions you get are likely to be uninformed ones. I'm as empathetic toward the cause of young Islamic atheists as any Westerner I know, and more so than many, but I confess to the same degree of ignorance.

I am continually impressed that young ex-Muslims have the courage of their convictions, in spite of having their religion drilled into them to a much greater extent than the average Christian, and living in countries where, in many cases, apostasy is a death sentence, or at the very least, a prison sentence, yet they still stand up for what the believe to be true. But as a Westerner, I can't begin to say I understand what motivates such courage. In fact, if the same were true in the West, I can't help wondering, without the freedom of choice we enjoy, and take far too often for granted, if we would have as much courage as you former Muslims.

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of all of you.

Archaeopteryx is right - in the West, we have very little understanding of Islam and the Islamic world.  I'm just reading this book "Sex and the Citadel - intimate life in a changing Arab world" by Shereen el Faki.  She says

"it is through their interpretations of Islam that many Muslims are boxing themselves and their religion in." 

In my mind any freethinking individual who applies logic and reasoning to the proposition of invisible beings having control and influence on our existence will reach the same conclusion despite their particular geographic location. The advancement of science and technology around the world is showing to be a severe headache for the reverential religious zealots.

"God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance, that gets smaller and smaller as time goes on."
-- Neil Degrasse Tyson --

At present, many Islamic countries are in the catbird's seat - they have oil, and the world needs oil. But when that runs out, and it will in 50 years or so, they will have to find other means of supporting themselves, and that will mean they will, far more than now, have to depend on the good will of the rest of the world. I believe they will have to modify their extremist views in order to gain the acceptance and cooperation they will require.

That's an interesting point.

It's all the same thing phrased differently. As people learn about the real world as apposed to the world of superstition, they realize there is nothing to be afraid of any more except the people that still cling to those ancient stories. Those ancient stories are written for ancient people that had no knowledge of why some bad things happened.they thought it must have been because of an angry god that people fell ill, or the ground shook, or the crops failed to grow that year. On top of that, young people see greedy ass holes steeling vast riches that could have been used to help everyone have a happy, healthy productive life. And they see religion being used as a tool of horrible cruelty towards people. Check out the you tube video "the god delusion".

To quote Abdelwahab Bouhdiba, Tunisian sociologist and author of Sexuality in Islam (1975), from the same book: 

"... Faith today is not the faith of yesterday.  What does it mean to be a Muslim, what does it mean to be a believer, in sexuality, in charity, [in other elements of Islamic life]?  To be a believer today is not to reproduce the old messages but to understand these messages and incorporate them into behavior that fits the demands of today.  To redesign - that's the big idea." 

Interesting! Gotta read that book too!


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