The Rise of Existence/Cosmos/Creation

X -> Energy -> Matter -> Atoms -> Stars -> Planets -> Self-Replicating Molecules -> Cells -> Multi cellular Structures -> Plants -> Animals -> Humans and all our relatives Now.

X is the unknown before Planck Time.

Obviously this glosses over the complexity of 13.8 billion years of evolution, but does this convey the crucial steps of history? Should I add more in steps?

I want to use this to establish an agreement during online debate to skip a bunch of, "Why the fuck would you think that?" posts.

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Planck Time is not a starting point that had “X”, either known or unknown before it. It is “just” a measure of the shortest unit of possible time where Gravity (Relativity) can exert an influence. I am open to correction on this. Any lesser interval is meaningless.

Yeah, planck time is a unit, like second...but closer to 10^-43 seconds, than to a second.


It basically the time it takes a photon, in a vacuum, traveling at the speed of light, to go one planck length.

The reason you see it associated with the BB is often because we have no calculations telling us what happened LESS THAN one plank time after the "bang" commenced.

There were an infinite number of planck times BEFORE it commenced though, just as there will be afterwards, etc.

As for the progress from that point forward you are trying to summarize, you didn't do too bad a job...except you sort of lump some things together that muddy the primordial soup so to speak.

As you are obviously looking at it "Big Picture" wise, these details might not be important enough to worry about.

For example, space and time existed as a given, with no starting point.

A property of spacetime is that it spontaneously generates photons, electrons and positrons, so, matter and energy have no starting point either: space, time, matter and energy therefore have always existed, as it is impossible for them to have not have always existed.

Roiling up from the above, we get expanding universes that are sub-sets of the cosmos as a whole.

Think of them as the myriad bubbles you see in a pot of boiling water.  

Part of the heat/energy balance calculations for the big bang take into account the work done by our KNOWN universe, expanding into the SPACE around it.

IE: OUR known universe is within the larger universe (The unknown part).

In fact, MOST of our "known universe" is actually unknown, as by the time we were ABLE to start measuring it, it's outer edges had receded too far away for light from them to ever reach us, as the accelerating rate of expansion rendered the outer reaches receding from us at a rate faster than the speed of light.


That is partly WHY we CAN'T tell what was going on closer to the bang itself, as the evidence is too far away and going too fast to allow us to see it.

Basically, every time we build a better telescope in space, we can see a bit further, and, the further we can see, the further back in TIME we can see, as the light reaching us, left towards us BILLIONS of years ago, so, when it gets here, we see what things looked like billions of years ago.

As spectroscopy, etc, allows us to see the wavelengths from these distant sources, we can TELL what they are made of as far as elements and chemicals we can look at a gas cloud and know what gases it is composed of, or a star, and tell what it is burning, and so forth.

We look at the red or blue shifts of known frequencies, and can then calculate the speed and direction of what we see, and so forth.

So, we do not have "13.8 billion years of evolution", we have ~ 13.8 billion years of our known universe existing...and about 4.5 billion years of the earth existing, and, about 3.8 billion years of evolution, so far.


In that last ~ 4 billion years or so, we had some not quite life before we had some life, such as self folding proteins/prions, etc.

We had a lot of life that did NOT result in "us" eventually, as MOST lines died out.

Its not like ONE chemical got complicated enough, and all life came from was a global process, with all sorts of crazy contraptions whizzing around.

We just resulted from the contraptions (PLURAL) that worked.

For example, our mitochondria have their OWN DNA, as, waaaay back, during single cell phases, they were INCORPORATED into our genetic package.

We carry THEIR DNA, as a sub-set of ours.

The self replicating molecules of CONCERN did not need to exist per se, first, as, they would be selected for BY the other molecules, and so forth.

The main reason the genetic info we all carry is SO complicated and convoluted, is that the processes that "worked" were not "selected" from an detailed chalkboard session to get the best ones, they were simply what happened, and, after that, we were stuck with it.


So, the way things came to be was not a linear process.  A virus needs a, while a prion can certainly occur from scratch, a virus would not, and so forth.

We have wee beasties that have photosynthetic abilities, so, a animal so to speak, that is also a plant...and some of THOSE went on to evolve feed back loops from the sugars from photosynthesis, to what we call "vision".

A star has to be born, live, and then die, to generate some of the atoms/elements, needed to form a planet, or us...but, those in turn can change what the NEXT star might be like...and so forth.

So, any way, carry on Sir.


TJ, thanks.

The final two paragraphs summarire well much of what I've been reading recently about biology.

The earlier paragraphs summarize well what I've read recently about the Bang.

You handled well the possibility of there being velocities greater than that of light. Is the earth orbiting where the sun was a bit over eight seconds ago?

You left open the possibility that gas clouds in space might contain ionized atoms and therefore carry electric currents. Do they contain ionized atoms?

It is not important how X is defined because the whole point is it is an unknown. I should have just left it as "Unknown State"

But the preconditions are known, and part of the theory, and, its just that instant right after it commenced that's missing.


When I want to convey what I mean to Christians I show them my right arm to explain Cosmology and then Evolution.

Awesome tattoo. I have yet to find something I NEED to put on my body...something similar to this maybe.

I once considered getting a "Leviticus 19:28" tattoo :-)


That's the name of my Tattoo Shop.


If I open one.


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