A new study out has figured out about 60% of the letters of DNA from three different Neanderthal bones. It is amazing how much a scientist can learn from a long extinct relative.

First off, it looks like there was some interbreeding between species at some point. By comparing human and Neanderthal DNA, scientists can tell that around 1-4% of European and Asian DNA came from Neanderthals. And it looks like Africans have no Neanderthal DNA at all.

This is just what might be expected if there was interbreeding because Neanderthals and Africans probably never met. All the evidence so far points to Neanderthals living in Europe and Asia and not in Africa. (source)

Racists have tended to depict Africans as more primitive than Europeans or Asians. However, when most of us think of primitive humans, Neanderthals come to mind. The latest theory on the demise of Neanderthals no longer has them being killed off by modern Man or dying off by an inability to compete. Rather, it looks like the moderns and Neanderthals interbred. They blended in, genetically speaking, with modern man. 

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Well this info has certainly made it clear that it's a subspecies split here; I think before this, there was some debate.

The problem has been this is the FIRST evidence we are not separate species YET it was politically correct 20 some years ago to make that same declaration with no physical evidence at all.

That is not science.

hahhaa at Jewisoid aka the "god's chosen people"

They keep declaring themselves a race instead of a religion. Some atheists can't face being ex-Jews it seems.

Racists view blacks as inferior to whites. More primitive. Neanderthals were primitive man who, it was widely thought till recently, were supplanted by Cro-Magnon (modern) man due to the Cro-Magnon's superiority. Thus, European whites (on that view) have racially mixed with inferior stock, but African blacks have not. 

I can't make it a whole lot clearer than that. You don't think like a racist so those connections wouldn't come to mind.

Radically mixed, No, this shit is interesting enough without hyperbole

"racially mixed" nor "radically mixed."

I read Israeli newspapers such as Haaretz. The constant references to "arabs" and jews as races along with the implicit assumption in the jewish newspapers of the superiority of the latter is truly unpleasant to read in this day and age.

I remember seeing a geneticist specializing in the genetics of ethnicity saying that the only real difference between Arabs and Mediterranean Jews was cultural. Genetically, they are one and the same. 

Obviously, the difference between them that has them at each other's throats is...religion.

Actually there was never a religious conflict. There were jewish generals leading jewish armies fighting FOR, as in alongside of, Mohamed. It is a protected religion in Islam as it is in Christianity. Islam has never singled out Jews for anything.

The current conflict has nothing to do with religion. That is an invention of the Zionists looking for post WWII sympathy.They didn't claim it until the late 1960s or so.

The conflict started when illiterate Polish peasants were sent to Palestine after 1900 or so and began making trouble with the Palestinians.

These genetic claims have to be read carefully and at times ignored completely as they are political. The Sephardic Jews, aka asian Jews although it includes north Africa, and the Palestinians and Arabs are the same.

The Ashkenazi Jews from eastern Europe which is just about all there are in the US and are the Zionists have no genetic relationship to the middle east EXCEPT for those with names like Cohen.

So, depending upon what the argument of the moment is, either they will count the unrelated Ashkenazi to claim there is a difference or consider only the Cohenim to claim they have an ancestral connection with the middle east. It is really all Marxist style propaganda.

Unseen, I doubt the racists are smart enough to even know what you are talking about. If they are, this information could just reinforce that Africans are, in fact, genetically different to European and Asians.


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