I've been known to invite them in for a debate, but if I don't have time (and my wife is out of sight) I may just lie and see what happens.

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"It is unlawful to expose or exhibit one's sexual organs in public or on the private premises of another, or so near thereto as to be seen from such private premises."

NOTE THE PART THAT SAYS:  "...on the private premises of ANOTHER..." (emphasis mine)

If you are in your OWN HOME, it's NOT the private premises of ANOTHER.  It's YOURS.

Do you see the difference?

I know of a case where a woman complained to police about a man exposing himself in a lewd manner. She brought them into her home, went to a window, and pointed to a window across the drive from her house. "He walks around his house without so much as a stitch of clothing." "And you observed this every day." "Yes, every day." They arrested her for voyeurism.

Why send them away? They are too much fun!

My uncle told this one a few years ago.

  Back in the 70's, he lived in the country with his wife and their dog Tiger. Tiger was a collie - St Bernard hybrid that weighed in at around 120 pounds. I suspect Tiger was mentally handicapped. His entire life, Tiger behaved like a puppy. Even when he accidentally was stepped on, (which happened often because like a puppy he stayed underfoot) he would not get aggressive. People with nice cars would not stop by my uncle's house, as they knew Tiger would would greet them by jumping  against the car door and licking the window. In his enthusiasm, Tiger would occasionally leave small dents in car doors,

  One afternoon, while working on something in the barn, My uncle saw a car stop in front of the house. A guy got out if the passenger seat and started toward the front door of the house. The guy was about halfway across the yard when he took on a look of terror before turning tail and running back to the car.

  Then Tiger, excited about greeting this visitor, came galloping like a small pony between the barn and house, on a beeline for the car. The guy made it back into the car and closed the door an instant before Tiger's front paws hit the side of the car with a resounding THUMP!!! The car peeled out and sped away.

Had a couple over just the other day. I told them I was a Mormon, and invited them in to hear my Testomony! They muttered something about, '... another day' and left.


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