The problem with elected officials is they no longer represent the people, but the corporations - her "I think" line makes me want to puke - you are supposed to do the will of your constituents, and represent their best interests - not what YOU THINK is best, which is usually in favor of those lining your politcal coffers.

Funny how the people in the room all broke out into saying: it's not our job to pay for your health insurance.

Funny, I see a lot of older people in the room. If that's the attitude that they want to take. Perhaps I can take the attitude of: not my job to pay for your Medicare. And for their sons or daughters: it's not my job to pay for their kids public education.

And heck, lets find out where I drive. I don't want to pay for roads that I don't drive on either.

Oh, and all of the money that I put into Social Security, yeah, I want that money saved for me. Don't be shipping it out to people already retired.

State and local services like state troopers and county sheriffs. Yeah, I've not called for any at my house ever. So lets deduct that from my tax bill also.
The list of stuff that me and every other grunt that works for a living is staggering. However we pay for them because they contribute to the betterment of our society as a whole. And because of that I don't have a problem with paying my fair share.

And I've not been able to find an answer to one question about the Republicans proposed "reform" idea. We go out and get our own insurance. But one of the big problems with private insurance now is that people are being denied for coverage. I've not heard anyone say that coverage is going to be guaranteed. I have a sneaking suspicion that if the insurance company doesn't like you, then they will just jack up your rate to the point where you will drop coverage.

I don't know if Rep Jenkins has children or not but it is inhumane of her not to try to understand what this young woman is going through. Republicans believe you should have lots of children but they don't plan on helping you if you can't afford to take care of them.

Let's face is another politican who is bought and paid for by corporate america...I can't believe she could look this woman in the face and not have one drop of compassion. Here is a woman who works, pays her bills etc. And the greedy people who sit there all smug and say things like I should not have to pay for your healthcare....You already are, when she goes to the emergency room with her son, you are paying for her....
Anyway here is who this politician is rooting for and all the rest who say no to a public option....

Finally, when asked directly why she was against a government-run program, Jenkins laughed and said, "A government-run program is going to subsidize not only yours but everybody in this room. So I'm not sure what we're talking about here." This is a bald faced lie.

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Think of it as population control. Eventually people will start droppin' like flies because they can't afford the cost of doctors, prescriptions, & insurance. I have to pay out-of-pocket to see a psychiatrist (the only doctor I see, I just suffer with all other ailments) because it's more affordable than to pay an insurance agency to cover any of the cost. To cover my family, & to pay non-luxury bills, I would have to work what I do now times 3. So I would have to work 24 hours a day & not take a lunch break at all.

Thanks for the post.
Pops, I have read your same story all over the net... It is truly insane!

Thanks Rev. James Thomas Hicks, D.D. for sharing your story.
I cannot fully express my disgust for this attitude.. and I am by no means some bleeding heart hippy.
Food, water, shelter and health care are essential. They are the lowest denominator for any modern society.
A country that doesn't take care of the base needs of its people is not a country worth defending.
The right to live should not depend on your paycheck.
The right to die should not depend on political trends.
Nailed it Misty! Great points Method!

Thank you!
"A country that doesn't take care of the base needs of its people is not a country worth defending.
The right to live should not depend on your paycheck.
The right to die should not depend on political trends."

Truly powerful.
I came here from Canada. I have had a lot of issues with health care over the years. Back in the 80's most private carriers put a $10,000 cap on AIDS/HIV. For starters,

If you have individual insurance, and read the fine print, you might be surprised to find out that your coverage could be void if you have been drinking or taking drugs. You might also not be covered for accidents for certain kinds of extreme sports.

It was a pretty popular scheme for insurers and there salesmen to go around to small businesses and sell them nice cheap little policies. These were based on a pool of young healthy individuals. If one of your employees got sick, the rate would rise for al of them until you had no choice but to fire the sick one.

In Virginia the rules were vastly different on one side of highway 123, than on the other, because one side was considered rural.

Rules vary from state to state, and group policy eligibility is determined by the state.
selfish stupid greedy people think their rates will go up if everyone is insured.

Actually, the amount of money insurers spend avoiding paying for claims and avoiding high risk clients is astounding. In addition, the amount providers spend trying to collect their co pays, and the amount of administration they have to do is also staggering. These are dollars spent on health care that do nothing to provide care.

Some of the more enlightened carriers and providers are starting to realize preventive care pays off. If you are an employer, and healthy work force is of paramount importance.

If you have people taking time off for sick kids, or bad backs, or chronic and untreated conditions, you are losing production and money.

Bad health care is bad business. ironically, it really is the republicans who should be pushing hardest for reduced health care costs and a regulated system.

The best and most profitable employers offer company paid benefits to their employees. Many of the employees who carp the most about universal healthcare have no idea what their coverages cost.

Premiums of $750 to $1250 for each individual covered are by no means exotic. If your company is paying for you, and you and your spouse and a rug rat are covered, that means your employer is shelling out $2 to $3 k a month.

If you are single, or are married with no kids, and your spouse is covered elsewhere, that means your employer is shelling out a huge bundle to cover the xtian freak with 10 kids. That money could go to giving you a raise. How is that fair?

In addition, if you consider 40 million uninsured, you are talking about 92,000 people on average in each congressional district.

With about 670,000 people in each district, lets say 400,000 eligible to vote, and 200,000 actually voting, does it not occur to anybody what a fucking huge voting block that is?

If ever you wanted to demagogue an issue, its health care. It would be political suicide of the greatest order in any other industrialized country to even hmmm about dismantling their socialized health care, no matter how bad.

Particularly in a so called xtian nation, it is patently unthinkable to not make sure every person has access to at least a basic floor of health care.

Do we need to do kidney transplants for 90 year olds? Maybe not. Do we need to spend millions on neonatal miracles where the parents and healthy and fertile and can have more babies? Maybe not.

Do we need to protect the social investment we have already made in rearing and educating out productive work force? Absolutely.

They great catch words are doing about the children and the old folks. WTF are children going to do with sick or dead parents? My pop made it to 100, near the end his children and he were unanimous in not prolonging a life that should be ending.

Health care establishments are loaded up with suffering people using up enormous resources with no hope of either getting well or ever being productive again, and nearly 13 \% of the population goes without anything.

Other things America socializes.

Farms, roads, sewers. airports, education, medicare, medicaid, the VA, GI Bills, The federal work force, Drug companies, food production and processing, rural electric, telephones, railroads, the interstate highway systems, space programs, aviation, defending all kinds of other deadbeat countries around the world, including Europe and Japan and Canada. WIC programs, food stamps, SSDI, HUD, Section 8 unemployment insurance, education for the middle and upper middle classes, student loans,

and neither last nor least CHURCHES.!!!!
Great addition Joe!


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