Watching a discussion between Dawkins and Krauss (please watch the video on my Fun Media page) and in the Q and A section they talked about how to 'spread the message' so to speak (message of science and rationality as opposed to irrationality). However, there is a problem. A true believer cannot be convinced that their belief is wrong OR that science is right. They talked about a lack of scientific knowledge in schools across America, which is a great tragedy. The United States has the most citizens that DENY Evolution and Natural Selection in favor of Religion and put that in science class! If anyone else is as shocked and appalled about this as me you'll understand my feeling on the topic.
Let me be clear about one thing, personal belief is not my issue. In the US it is a constitutional right to believe in whatever you want. I would not try to take away someone's personal beliefs BUT when that belief is asserted as true instead of scientific evidence and that is taught to children we as a society are less better off. What do we do about this?

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I didn't know there WAS a 2004 version - I live a very sheltered life.

My sons biology teacher was also the ministers wife and she would teach evolution as it is enclude in biology, but she would also make very clear her personal feeling about this, on the other hand they cut out all of the sex education in their life skills books as the teacher newly wed was to shy to talk to the children about it.And so personal belief and feelings deprives children from an proper education

It's not the true believers we want or need to convince.

I think as long as goverments mix religion with politics it will always be a problem. Where do you draw the line, if they whant to teach the christians idea of creation are they then not showing favour towards the christian faith, can other religions then not insist on their creation mith being tought at school. Can they not then argue on the fact that they are being excluded. If that is their idea of science and biology then they should include all religions creation myth. That to me is why religion has no place in schools. 

I wonder if you have seen the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" letter written to the Kansas school board on that very point, Jorita.  After the letter became public, "Pastafarianism" became a huge mock-religion.  FSM is quite a well-known abbreviation, and the blessing is, "May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage".  Here is the letter that started it all - it is well worth a read.

That letter changed my life.  All hail the FSM!

You should become ordained.

You should become supreme leader :-D

Wha ha ha ha thank you I had a good laugh, it was fun reading. Had one of those bring back prayer to schools things on my facebook not so long ago and people were very upset when I asked whos prayer, the hindu, christian, muslim and if the local sangoma can open with a chant, because if you allow one faith you have to allow all of them, if you allow prayer time they are all intitled to it. Did I get a lot of preaching LOL And to me the same goes for science. Keep the supernatural out of our schools. 

I had a similar experience - a former girlfriend emailed me she wanted me to support a petition to get a statue of the Ten Commandments installed on a particular courthouse lawn. I agreed, if she would help me petition to have this installed next to it:

I never heard from her again --

"May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage"

Now that's an invitation for priest molestation if I ever did see one! 

I agree to an extent. The guy who sits at home and prays 20 times a day and really doesn't say much about it else where is someone that we don't necessarily need to reach. But the guy who prays 20 times a day and then goes out and tries to pass laws against teaching evolution, prostheletizes in the streets, tells kids they are to be condemned to hell if they don't believe needs to be stopped and the people he preaches to need to be convinced otherwise.


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