The primary classes of Christians are:

    * Churches without sacramental Ordination
    * ** Protestant
          o *** Lutheran (Minor Exception)
                + Presbyterian
                + Methodist
          o Anabaptist
          o *** Baptists
                + Pentecostals
                + Brethren
                + Amish
          o Non-Trinitarians
          o *** Universalists
                + Unitarians
                + Quakers
    * Restorationists
    * ** Church of Jesus christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons)
          o Jehovahs Witnesses
          o Charismatics
          o Christadelphians
    * Episcopalian
    * ** Anglicans, Episcopal churches, etc
    * Catholic
    * ** "Roman" Catholic (Western Rite Catholicism)
          o *** Sedevacantists
                + Those who follow Anti-popes
                + Old Catholics
                + Catholics who Follow the Pope
          o Eastern Orthodox (under the Patriarch of constantinople)
          o *** Greek Orthodox
                + Russian Orthodox
                + Serbian Orthodox
                + et cetera
          o Coptic (Under pope
    * Gnostic or Esoteric Christianity many different versions of the bible exist?
...coming soon.

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Seventh-Day Adventists?
So... Which one is the only true faith? I forget.
That's easy, the one with the most restrictions.


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