So i saw a link to this article:

And I wanted to get some feedback.  Is this stuff legit?  If so, what are your thoughts on it?  This was originally posted in my facebook feed by a christian friend, and all the responses were about the power of prayer and god etc, and I really wanted to get a discussion going by people who will think strictly in scientific terms.

This idea makes me think a lot of "The Secret" and the whole light behaving differently when observed thing.

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And I wanted to get some feedback.  Is this stuff legit?  If so, what are your thoughts on it?

It's not legit.

Masaru Emoto holds a "Doctorate" in alternative medicine from a diploma mill (the Open International University) and therefore calls himself "Doctor" Masaru Emoto.

Emoto is peddling feel-good pseudoscience, along with $500 bottles of water, $1670 "training" seminars, and a range of products, including books, glassware, jewelry, cosmetics, and a designer water beverage.

For someone with such a profit motive, you'd think he would accept James Randi's million dollar prize offer to redo his experiments with proper scientific controls under double-blind conditions. But of course, he refuses.

sample of "Doctor" Emoto's work: "[Hado medicine] is the same as vibrational medicine. Hado is a vibration that cannot be seen, because it is so small. It is so subtle that it cannot even be measured. I believe that we should move toward vibrational medicine. The starting point of that is people’s hearts. When you have a stressed or damaged heart, then your body becomes damaged, as well. I believe that how the God, or something great, created this world is with love and gratitude. Love is an active energy, and gratitude is a passive energy. I believe when you deviate from this law, this balance of love and gratitude, a person is destined to have illness. I believe there was no distinction between man and woman in the beginning. I don’t think there was sex between people. I think everybody lived for eternity. When people started to have unpure thoughts, then they started todeviate from the law of the God, or something great. Then, their lives became in jeopardy, and eternity was taken away from the people. In order for us to exist forever as our species, something great created man and woman. I believe that we now follow the animal nature and animal laws of female and male partnership. Of course, the hado vibrational medicine doesn’t get into that background. This is all what I believe in. However, life should be eternal."

OK, awesome.  Yeah I didn't think it was legit.

Holy shit that was hard to read that last paragraph, what with my brain trying it's damnest to make my hands claw my eyes out.


Holy shit that was hard to read that last paragraph, what with my brain trying it's damnest to make my hands claw my eyes out. Conman.

Sorry, Gregg.

Paraphrasing, Emoto says: "Hado vibrations are invisible, undetectable, and unmeasurable, that love and gratitude are energy, and deviating from the law of God cost people eternal life. Now, all yu stoopid bytches, buy one of my $500 bottles of magic water."

But, yeah, conman'll do.

I really do hate these Deepak Chopra types.

We have laws against all kinds of fraud, with the glaring exception of one...religious fraud.

Organized religion in all it's forms lies, cheats and steals, it destroys the minds of children and the lives of their parents.

The most terrible ABOMINATION in the entire universe is Organized Religion.

Die Religion DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ok I feel better now.)

I have just posted this link on another post. It is all good but the Q&A answers your question at 1:09:35

That link was awesome!  Answered my question perfectly.  Thanks!

My Man

Lawrence Krauss.



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