I often have wondered recently if I am unique in my respect and amazement at the Power of Men.

I suppose first I should state my position as an Atheist. A Feminist. A Mother. A Woman. The most feminine, and proud of it!

I do believe there are many men who perhaps feel threatened, de-masculinated (if that is even a word. If not I just made it up) or even abused by strong women and/or other men. After all, there are women and men out there who ARE abusive towards men. And many men in that position feel just as helpless, just as hopeless, and just as hurt as a woman in a domestically violent relationship. I feel that the help available to men who are abused by their partners is hard to come by, and despite its availability in some cases, there is a lot of sociological reasons why men do not generally feel safe even talking about it. So they suffer in silence. Sometimes for years...or even decades. Just as the battered woman fears, so does the battered man. And who would hear them? Sometimes....no one.

Isn't that sad?

On the other hand there is another type of man. The man who seeks power and control. The cultural constraints by which he can do so vary across the globe, but this type of man is found everywhere. Perhaps YOU (reading this right now) are one of them. You may not know that you are because your reality has never been any different. Something....a long time ago....made you this way. You may not know what it is. Or....you might know and simply not care. Or....you might care but wonder how on Earth you can change! Perhaps you've been told you are abusive. But perhaps you yourself were abused.

That is very sad too, isn't it?

Then there are strong men out there. They are amazing. Those men who have risen above it all and become larger than life. The heroes of their loved ones, friends and family, a role model for many to look up to, able to handle anything that comes their way, strong in their responsibilities, amazing, amazing, amazing men.......who rarely (if ever) get recognized. Who never ask to be recognized. Who never brag, but have all the reason to. Who deserve 10,000 virgins....no wait....no....but you get the idea :-) JOKE!!!! Ok don't get your feathers ruffled people!

We hear a lot about the empowerment of women now a days. That is good. Yaay!!! GO WOMEN!! But....I think we need to hear more about the amazing influences of men. I have seen in many instances in my life how the mere presence of a man in certain circumstances....makes everything all better. Makes things brighter, and makes life happier.

I see it when my son plays with a random dad on the playground who is willing to roll around with his own son...and mine, and my son latches on with yearning for more.

I saw it in my neighbor who while he had his flaws, he watched out for me, and protected me under volatile circumstances.

I've seen it in the way my son looks at his own father in the eyes.

I've felt the relief when I served alongside many men in the line of duty, and felt thankful they were there to control the situation, because they are (and will always be) so strong...physically.

I've felt more like a woman when a man randomly smiles at me, it lifts me up and reminds me I'm beautiful.

I've felt it on TA the way so many men voice their belief that I am a human being worth fighting for to remain in control of my body and freedoms, and I've seen it the way men all over the world uplift women....

I could go on....but I want to end with this:

Men: you are more powerful than you realize. Here's to all the men.


Thank you for being Atheist men.

You ROCK!!!

Men: Do you ever feel under appreciated?

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So you don't think negative portrayals contribute to prejudicial opinions and stereotypes.

It seems like you are excusing false and unflattering stereotypes when they are about the majority or those in power.

Asymmetrical Culturalism. (I made that up.)

I was trying to be funny (in a way probably unique to my brain circuits), but maybe instead should say there's a bit of retrospective motivation for the "activistic" response in entertainment and other media. That is, there's still cultural inertia on the side of the patriarchy, imo, and so I take the over-dufusizing of males with a grain of salt. It's been going on since All In The Family (at least).

Some historical perspective (in comedy):


Unseen: you've been watching too much Roseanne, lol


I don't think I've ever seen one full episode of Roseanne. I don't watch sitcoms as a rule.

Hi Belle,

    I think you actually get it... Thanks for posting this. There is so much pro-woman rhetoric around now-a-days that I think people are forgetting about men entirely. Just last week I saw an article comparing magazine covers (I think it was Time), showing covers with men consisting of head shots and covers of women consisting of full body shots and scant, if any, clothing. The article went of to whinge about the objectification of women in our culture but no one even brought up how men might feel about this...

So I thought about it. And this same article that is "objectifying" women is also de-valueing men's bodies. It's saying that women have personality, intelligence, AND their bodies are nice, translating that analysis to men, it's saying that men CAN'T/DON'T have bodies worth "objectifying".

That's probably not the clearest explaination of how I feel but I'm at work and need to get back to it.

Real men!?

This is very awesome! I love this post! My man is one of those very hard working men that never ask for a thank you but he has a hot plate of food on the table and a hot bath waiting for him when he works more than necessary. Even on the regular days that we don't work and he helps me around the house or anything of the nature...he gets a nice massage and a hot bath to go with it...lol. Men need pampered sometimes too.

It sounds like you're having a really good time, Morghan. 

Sadly nerdy 'men' are not very well understood. I am rather buff, at 59, and my brain cells seem to work even better than when I was younger, sadly finding a nerdy woman has been a rather painful undertaking.

Under appreciated, yes. How to 'fix it', no clue....


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