In the God Delusion, Dawkins categorizes Atheism into two types - Big atheism and small atheism. Small atheism denies the existence of Jesus, Jehovah, Allah and other personal deities. Big atheism denies the possibility of our universe being created by some unknown intelligence - whatever it may be.

I think i've always been a "Small" atheist, and rather agnostic about big atheism. Recently i find myself leaning more and more towards thinking that It could be quite plausible that our universe is indeed designed.

The big bang theory describes an outburst of energy from a singular point, and expansion of time, light, heat and space. This singular point contained all mass in the universe- all elements required for forming stars, galaxies and ultimately - life. As the universe expanded and cooled down, matter was formed, changed shape, became nebulae, stars, galaxies...

None of this happened by accident

It happened because our universe is ultimately made of different types of atoms - cataloged in the periodic table. these atoms have different "natural" characteristics, and when combined in different orders- can form molecules, who in turn have "natural" different characteristics. heat and cold affect the structure of these molecules, causing them to form matter in different shapes or forms. matter in turn has mass, which causes attraction and gravity. 

One could almost look at the periodic table as LEGO blocks - from which you can construct the most wondrous things. and these LEGO blocks each have imbued natural abilities. hydrogen and oxygen make air, carbon and oxygen create water. the whole thing is scale-able, and consistent in its behavior.

As a programmer, this might just be my brain trying to force a known structure onto something unrelated- but dammit- it just looks too damn organized. can a Multiverse theory - random universes with different "constants" popping in ant out of existence, really explain this? because this can easily be correlated to any development environment.

Any good programming framework will give you these LEGO blocks - numbers, strings, integers, arrays, data maps - and on a higher level - text boxes, bitmap containers, sound players, mouse events, timers etc.... in essence these are LEGO blocks- allowing you to build apps, games, websites...

you would have to be mad to suggest that a development environment can simply come into existence on its own- even by chance. So can a multiverse really explain the underlying rules of our universe?

This question became even more difficult for me when my daughter was born. I understand how natural selection works - how genes mutate when creating new life, with helpful mutations giving an evolutionary advantage and being passed on. however this does not explain the inner programming each and every one of us is born with.

from the moment of conception each and every one of us has the full future of his growth cycle imbued in his DNA. our body growth is a scripted experience. we start smiling at 2 months, start laughing at 3 months, start crawling, walking, talking, teething, grow an ego, change a second pair of teeth, hit puberty, sexual prime, menopause and death.

upon hitting certain predefined cue points, our bodies begin producing certain hormones, growing hair, losing hair. 

we are scripted. 

is it so unthinkable that evolution, natural selection and the big bang theory give only PART of the story? that our universe is the product of some sort of design - a development environment containing lego blocks at the atomic level, and abiding by rules (evolution simply being one of those scripted rules) - to which matter was "poured" in like water into a container?

is it so preposterous to suggest that not just the vast complexity - but rather the harmony in interaction between the elements that make up our universe, their natural attraction and repulsion of each other, their ability to join and form ever complex structures - and the inner programming that governs our growth, can very well be the product of planning? That without this programming matter would just be floating around in space?

It seems to me that atheism just accepts as a "given" that the very interaction at the atomic and molecular level between the elements is just a natural process- inherent to our universe. but why would this be inherent?

One can easily claim that a creator only adds more complexity- however, truly believing that something as ordered, consistent and perfect as the laws of mathematics just popping into existence - complete and coherent- is in my mind something that cannot be taken seriously.

On the other hand - how seriously can the idea of a higher intelligence be regarded? It too would undoubtedly require a creator. A similar point can be made about the multiverse - but without answering how these laws came about- only that they poofed into existence by chance.

However - since this can go on forever, with every level of complexity requiring its own creator or containing parent- there can never be an end to this.

For this reason i can see it sufficient to "stop" at some point- but continue pointing out that nothing "just happens". I do not accept that the underlining logic of our universe could not just pop into existence. The laws of physics could not have poofed complete out of thin air. no way in hell. 

And if it wasn't clear- i'm not advocating theism of any kind. i don't believe in any personal deity whatsoever. but i do keep an open mind when presented with NO evidence either way.

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So it's ee cummings(?).

relating about: So it's ee cummings(?).

what i am doing is not inspiried by ee cummings even while it is familiar

i do not cause people to understand something through rigid use of spelling and syntax and instead i am using a style that allows for people to make their own interpretation with several interpretations allowed to be had at the same time regarding a single paragraph

i looked around about ee cummings just today at your inspiration, thank you, and this was for the first time since high school

i appreciated what he wrote to his father at age 6 with that believe it or not being in all caps

infatuated with ee cummings -- you can understand something with his circumstances -- aware to always windows

doing what i can do at ease with ee cummings - all and one


If ALL CAPS IS YELLING... all lower case whispering?

relating about: all lower case whispering?

it is not whispering

all lowercase is never upsetting someone -- it is peaceful

doing everything interesting -- all and one

Capitalizing names and starting sentences with capitals disturbs some people.

I don't know any such people.

relating about:

Capitalizing names and starting sentences with capitals disturbs some people.

I don't know any such people

it is a style and you do not have to understand something else about it

crazy for you -- all and one

!oot elyts a si sihT

relating about: !oot elyts a si sihT

yes it is and you could be interesting that way

reading from right to left is in the united area -- a little different from how you are doing it -- but never the less it is able to move you out of any rigidity 

you could look into what is known about ancient text that things like the bible and the quran where drawing from as that will look familiar to the style i am alive as

doing what i always can -- all and one

as an after thought -- would you take the pope's used beanie while giving him a new one?

Probably, but he might not like the propellor I've added to it.

You forget we have a BRAIN,that the BRAIN was the result of a spit of semen DNA from our fathers penis and that the BRAIN creates the mind producing thoughts that, with the 5 senses, acquire information to navigate the planet. The BRAIN depends on them to gather it. They are:
Olfactory, gustatory, visual, auditory, tactile. These are evoke potential, flood of information regulated by the pulvinar nuclei in the Thalamus. It all begins when we emerge from the COC (cave of creation) during the imprinting period. We must keep in mind there are 8,000 languages spoken on this planet.
At birth we are subjected to an imprinting period of the place where we are born. This includes, the pheromones engulfing our senses, sounds, imagery,vibrations of all sorts, smells, etc which are RECORDED inside our own private universe which is the BRAIN, the Universe Within which we create thoughts with perceiving our environment. 
 WHY the vacuous discussions talking about a "creator" ignoring the organ that creates them?
FYI it is inside your CRANIUM….and when SICK it can only produce the irrational, deluded, schizophrenic, moronic, imbecillic, ignorant, theotarded ( retarded due to zombie god belief), faithPsychosis, of God Belief. The neural array HIV that nobody seems to see, clearly demonstrated in many a perfunctory discussion of the delusions of a zombie god that saves with blood known by many different names.

Let's begin by defining creator and atheist analyzing their etymology, shall we? 


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