And so Pope Bennie is taking early least he's giving doG a 3 week window to find a New Pope. LOL

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...with plenty of headroom for the big hat

To paraphrase an old insult around here:

All hat, no flock. 

Well one wishes so anyway.  (The old insult is "all hat, no cattle" for someone who talks big and has nothing of substance to back it up.)

I read somewhere that there is a betting outfit offering 666:1 odds that Dawkins is made the next pope.

Ah, here is is:

I see that father Dougal McGuire and Bono are also both listed at 1000:1 odds.

   I would like to think that this change in leadership will lead to a more liberal and tolerant Catholicism; but I suspect it will just be a rearrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic - a perfect analogy, since the Catholic Church is sinking fast.

I've been curious for a while now as to how low their market share will drop over the long term. I'm not entirely sure what the key demographics are though especially with regard to financial contributions. I mean, I have a vague sense where Canadian and American markets are concerned, but these two countries combined represent a fairly small percentage of the Roman Catholic business. I imagine Latin America and Europe are still the major markets with growing interest in Africa.

Anyway, I'm not sure if Roman Catholicism is publicly traded, but I won't likely be investing.

My impression of European cathedrals is that they are mostly filled by tourists.

Ratzinger: look, Herr God, zis Job ist really not workink aut like ich sought it vould. You understand, ja?

Herr Gott:

Ratzinger: wunderbar! wunderbar.

coffee just came out of my nose.

Once he is done with his official duties he will have time to testify in The Hague for his crimes against humanity. How thoughtful of him.


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