And so Pope Bennie is taking early least he's giving doG a 3 week window to find a New Pope. LOL

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best thing i have seen this year

Wait, so does this mean he's going to hell now?? I mean, if god is your boss and you just quit on him lol.

that's a good point. you can't just quit god.

Why not?  That's what Lucifer did.  :D

Not really, god banished him. Lucifer is not an atheist.

Hahaha...I stand are correct far as the fantasy story goes. :D

I thought about it since technically he was "appointed by god" for a job and to represent him then he quit. So how would he expect to be accepted by god again after he dies?? Or better yet...since he walked out on god would he even WANT to be accepted by him? I know if I quit on an employer I wouldn't expect to show up at his home later on expecting him to invite me inside lol. 

Faux News (Vatican City)     Interim party hack and mega-sect head bows out

Citing “a record 1.2 billion served,” the once and future RC cardinal Ratzinger, aka Benny16, decided to hang up his crook and mitre. “In seven years I’ve seen more plagues than Pharaoh. I’m sick and tired of these Vatican sissies scurrying on little rats’ feet -- ‘Holy Father do this; Holy Father do that!!”

“Why did Pio-12 not teach these guys to speak only German -- and I can’t get a decent brew around here. God, it’s a shame that we can not burn heretics any more, like those US nuns who pushed for female priests -- we're a male supremacist dictatorship.

The ‘zing’ of living has failed this old ‘Rat-zinger’,” he joked.

“Anyway, JoPa-II and I packed the college [of cardinals] full of cronies and phonies,” he smiled, “so, we’ve left the world’s largest Ponzi Scheme in good hands -- I’m proud that we’re bigger than Vegas.”

“My chief regret was having to turn so many of our best pedophiles over to the secular infidels, especially in moral cesspools like the US. Well, we put an American in my old job as head of the Most Holy Inquisition [Propaganda Ministry]. He knows all the dirt, he has all the records I ordered confiscated and had brought to Rome, he’ll keep a lid on the stew.”

“Well, God bless,” he waved, “I’m off to Amsterdam to smoke good dope with ex-Queen Bea -- .”

(Faux News . . . holier than thou, Fox)

Look I think he can do what ever he wants I mean if " god" wants him to do the job longer he would have better health but it just brings the question that a pope doesn't have special powers that people may think he has I mean for Christ sale they ride in a bullet proof pope-mobile. Yet he did give much time to retire from the "job" Jesus at least stay for Easter

That's actually a good point. Since the pope is god's right hand man why would he need a bullet proof vehicle?? 

Good riddance to Ratzi, the paedophile protecting, aids spreading former Nazi. 

For Sale: 1 Pope-Mobile w/sunroof. Great for picking up the children.


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