And so Pope Bennie is taking early least he's giving doG a 3 week window to find a New Pope. LOL

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you realize doG is busy watching the debate in Kenya and European football

The fans outprayed the poPe. LOL

I'm guessing he knows something we don't. Wouldn't be surprised if the mother ship shows up this week.

Yeah, God choose him and he quit. Did he say anything 'bout it on Twitter? I hope he has enough put by for his pension...oh wait he won't need it as he took a vow of poverty!!

Hey come on now Blaine, there will be enough time to berate the Catolick church later, right now and all pray for the pooPe. LOL

Since all the cardinals and bishops took life-long vows to support that old school rat, the new guy may have a tough start. i think the rat may die soon. Rat poison may be involved.

He's just making sure that his successor is just as conservative and probably a lot younger than he.

I don't think they like them too young in case they start getting radical ideas and can't be fired. 

Yep, they gots standards, they like them over 60 and under 10.

Yes, they must be completely indoctrinated. doG forbid that the church moves out of the Bronze Age.

There is a doc on HBO called Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God.  ALl about the pedo priest problem and cover ups.  Names ol Ratzinger specifically as being the person that knows the most about it all being that his office was directly to oversee all cases. 

The Pope read the "God Delusion" and finally woke up


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