The Pendulum Swing: Has Feminism Gone Too Far?

Is there still a gender gap in today's Western society?  Are women really still as oppressed as feminists argue?  

As a female in today's Western society I feel that cultural awareness for women's rights has gone past the point of fairness and equity.  Today's Western world feels like a woman's world.  Thoughts?

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Try feeling like its a woman's world in the Middle East. Can't drive, must have your genitalia mutilated, can't sit on a seat for half an hour after a man has vacated it, in case you get horny from the heat he left behind....

Perhaps you live in a country that's 'emancipated' and the only annoying things are like getting paid 70% of your male counterparts salary, or having to conceal having an abortion, if indeed you can get one at all.

Perhaps if you substitute the word "world" with "my small patch of land" you might be more accurate. If so, I'm happy for you. Let's see if we can't help the rest of the women who make up the worlds female population!

Minus 10 to that power!:)


Walking home alone at night

Yes, you're absolutely right! My apologies that the discussion didn't outline specifically what I meant. I would like to edit my original post if possible to clarify, I will look into it. Of course women are still very much oppressed around the world and that is something that needs to change. I'm not saying we shouldn't discuss that too because it is very much relevant to the topic, but for this discussion I originally meant the Western World, as in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States. I realize that this view of the 'world' is rather narrow and I didn't mean for my original post to come across as ignorant and self-centred.

i feel that feminism in the western world, the third wave, is far too outspoken and speaks on behalf of women against men on issues that don't need to be addressed. Modern feminism in the western world, I believe, is not concerned with the real oppression of women that happens around the globe, but harps on petty non issues in this part of the world where women have equal rights to men.

I would contest the wage gap that you alluded to. I'm convinced that although men still hold the majority of high paying positions in the western world, women are making in-roads on every front and actually dominate aome professions and career fields. The wage gap stat is also skewed because of the number of women who, by their own choice, stay at home to raise children while their husbands pursue career advancement. I believe it will take time still to see more women in top career jobs, but at the same time, they may never actually completely balance out because of biology and the desire that many women have to nurture children. I don't believe that this desire to nurture is perpetuated by a patriarchy, but comes from hormonal and biological urgings.

As for your comment about concealing abortion, I'm not sure I follow, could you elaborate on that point?

Hi Erin. I posted this in a recent Sunday School.

The Donald is out of step about prosecuting women for having abortions. It is already happening in a country where abortion is legal. It’s about time people got more vocal.

Thanks Reg! Erin please do read the link Reg posted. I come from the UK but live in Vermont, and it never ceases to amaze me how many US politicians feel they have a say over what's in your underwear :)

Primarily, it's white-haired or religion-obsessed Republican men and their serf-like women who think that way, Strega. Pro-choice, like pro-gay marriage, is now the prevailing attitude in the US. 

This is why the Republican party must adapt or perish. Right now, they are perishing very quickly.

I don't really see how that is an issue related to women's rights necessarily. It's an issue related to whether or not abortion is illegal. Abortion, though it physically impacts women, is not strictly a woman's right. Perhaps legally it is, but I personally believe that the decision should be shared by both the mother and father equally. If the father is not present or at all engaged in the decision then it is the woman's choice. I would personally include my boyfriend in any decision related to any potential child between us because despite the fact that the fetus would be in my body, it is not only my child.

I believe in the cases you referred to the prosecutions occurred mostly because the state laws were outdated ns didn't align with federal law. In the end, the women won out against the prosecution and federal courts overturned the outdated laws in those states. It's more of a legal complication rather than blatant discrimination against women in my opinion.

As for The Donald, I'm fairly confident he's not an accurate representation of all American politicians. He's a real special case, that one:P

A foetus is not a child and is not a viable human until it has the potential to live outside the womb which I think is around the end of the second trimester. A woman had the legal right to have an abortion in the USA. People can have their own moral or religious objections to it but it is still a legal right. Ok I don’t want to turn this post into a debate on abortion. If anyone feels they need to add more commentary on the matter I think we should open another post to deal with it.

Let’s hope Trump does not become an accurate representation of an American President.

You're correct that it is a legal right of women and to my understanding those rights were upheld in the examples, albeit with the inconvenience and embarrassment of unnecessary prosecution and legal proceedings.

Im with you on Trump, if he becomes president, god help us all, er...god? :P


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