The only person that can be an atheist is God himself

The only person that can be an atheist is God himself. To say 'There is no God.' requires one to know all things, to be all places at the same time, and have all power. Thus, you would have to be omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. Atheism is absurd and self-refuting. Fuck you.

/sighs/ haha

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Maybe you should reply with the definition of atheism and the definition of agnosticism. Or perhaps point out his flawed logic by stating that to know there is a God, one would have to know all things, yada, yada. Also, end your statement with "Fuck you." for no apparent reason. I must have missed that section of the Bible that said, "Thou shalt be a dick to anyone who disagrees," because I coulda sworn Jesus did the opposite.
"Thou shalt be a dick to anyone who disagrees"....Exactly.If nobody follows their convoluted logic,we're told to fuck ourselves.We're wrong because we refuse to believe and being the minority ,we're all assholes.What do you expect from them?
Atheist - The BELIEF that there is no god.

Following their logic the only person that can be a theist is god himself, therefore it must follow that they are in fact an agnostic at best and an atheist at worst. Wonder how that makes them feel?
Reading that email reminded me of this quote:

"There is a difference between believing there is no god and not believing there is a god -- both are atheistic, though popular usage has ignored the latter..." - Dan Barker
That doesn't even make any sense,but it's coming from a christian so it's really not surprising.Quit wasting your time and just come to terms with no afterlife,no fantasy land called heaven;it's all just mumbo-jumbo horseshit.Get a grip,be your own person and when you do ...FUCK-OFF!!!
When you go to bed and the ground is clear and then, when you wake up, there's snow on the ground, you can safely conclude that IT SNOWED. You don't have to see it--evidence indicates it. State's attorneys aren't eye-witnesses to the crimes they're trying to prosecute, but they have evidence that points one way or another. The evidence is interpreted and deduced to a conclusion. Again, you don't have to see the event in question to make a judgment about it as long as you have evidence to support your findings.

Fuck, these people are stupid!
I don't get it how is that the only person who can be an atheist is god if god isn't depicted as a person. And how can he even be an atheist if he must believe he himself exists. I swear these creationists are the dumbest people on the planet, they make an argument that makes no sense whatsoever


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