Al Franken has been in the Senate for 4 months. He got passed a provision that the contractors whom work with the Department of Defense must not have Binding Arbitration in cases such as accusations of Rape. These contractors have been able to sweep things under the rug and hide the problems and as a result no one knows who is truely dirty and we as a country keep hiring them. We pay them to get richer while they rape our citizens. It's genius if you have not ethics. The bill was a kick ass move that we don't see from Freshmen in the Legislative Branch. Usually they are sucking up deciding whose teet they can get the milk and honey from. See Dave Reichert of Washington. His accomplishments include more money than average in campaign contributions, but he's done nothing.

So what do we want from our political leaders? Leadership? To forge ahead for us rather than worry about their political careers? That's what I want anyways. Al Franken had an opportunity to question an attorney from KBR about the binding arbitration and how that aids justice. I'm picturing Al Franken as Superman. He does often have that Clark Kent set of glasses and his character on SNL was often a "Gee well you know..." Leave it to Beaver kind of chump. Here he dismantles the attorney in lawyer like fashion.

Alan Grayson of Florida went on a tear ripping the GOP for who they are. We saw him apologize to the 44,000 that die every year due to lack of healthcare instead of the GOP.

Who is Alan Grayson? He's a former president of IDT. He certainly made millions there. He's a former Whistle blower attorney. Something that happens for these guys is when they win the case, they get to bill the gov or big corps whatever they want. You need $500 and hour, this a place to do it. Alan Grayson will tell you to "Keep your freaking money, I've got my own." He's acting as a whistle blower who doesn't care about political longevity. I'm loving it.

These guys who went to college to become attorneys so that they could eventually make this switch are not serving us well. You don't get much done by treating this position as a career. We saw healthcare surge forward on Alan Grayson's comments. Make no mistake, that was the final embarrassing push. This limp wristed "Come on Guys." hasn't been effective. We have two freshmen leading the way, kicking ass and taking names. Congressmen, take note. This is what we want. We didn't send you there to keep the status quo and for you to build up your personal finances, (cough) Dave Reichert!

I'm sending a contribution to Grayson and Franken. Two guys whom don't need my money, but I want the rest of Congress to see the message.

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I have been watching clips of Alan Grayson smacking Republicans around with his gigantic brass balls and could not believe he was a Democrat. Al Franken, a man I thought would be a joke in the Senate, has shown that the joke was on me. Most Senators would have let de Bernardo ramble on and talk their way out of answering hard questions, leaving me livid and wanting to punch the TV (or PC monitor), Franken demanded the answers.

I am impressed.
I agree, Reggie. A Democrat actually showing backbone is like spotting the white stag, so rare that you are sure that you are dreaming. We need more members of Congress who are willing to demand answers and refuse to back down until they (and we) get them.
Got to love the "compassionate conservatives" and their hypocrisy.
Speaking of Franken, check this out:

Who do you know that could do that? Let alone a politician...


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