If we want to move forward, to a more secular and scientific based society. It is obvious people need to stop forcing religion down their children's throats just for tradition sake. As it is today most people are atheist but conform to social behavior do to tradition and family and don't acknowledge their own lack of belief due to being ostracized.


What is it though, exactly that these people feel the need to propagate? Why can't they let go, and what can we offer in exchange? Some people obviously have never known any other kind of world and are scared. Not only social suicide and various ludicrous interventions, but a world where they must support themselves. Are support groups necessary for people who move towards atheism from a psychologically draining cult?

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First, I don't know that "most people" are atheists.  More, yes.  According to this chart, at least, there are still nearly twice as many Christians as "nonreligious" people, and slightly more Islam followers than nonreligious.  Although the chart is a few years old, I am sure the numbers are not THAT FAR off, world wide.  Nationally, it may be a different story.


These religious people are indoctrinated, brainwashed, to do what they do.  It is HARD to break free from something you have been forced to believe, especially when the consequences are so painful to even imagine.  So, yes, they are scared.  Terrified.  And they are made to feel guilty for even considering other options.  It is easier to go with the flow than fight the current.  And the stricter the religion, the harder it is to get away. 


Religion offers them the selfish hope of eternal life.  We offer the knowledge that when you die, you are dead.  The end.  How comforting is that for the parent that just lost a child?  Or the man who just lost his wife?  It's not.  Then there is the whole divine justice thing.  For example, recently here in California, a boy was kidnapped straight out of his grandmother's arms.  Two weeks later the boy's body was found.  People's comments include things like "There is a special place in HELL for these people" (speaking of the murderer).  He will never be brought to justice, but it makes them feel better to imagine he is burning in hell forever. 


We offer nothing in times of need, other than whatever personal support we can muster up.  We have no spooky stories for the creation of the universe or the planet or life.  No glittery stories of the afterlife.  The only thing we offer is rational thought and freedom from (imagined) guilt.  It really is a surprise our numbers are growing, I think.


Is a support group needed?  Maybe for some, but not all.  One might call this site a support group.


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