Have you ever heard someone say "Perhaps there are an infinite number of universes in which every single possibility comes true"?

Did you ever think about what that means?

Suppose you have a child you love with all your heart and soul. In THIS universe. According to the theory, there are multiple other universes in which you neglect, abuse, or murder your child. There's one where you toss your child over a cliff and one where you pour gasoline on them and light them on fire.

It would seem to follow with necessity from the "every single possibility" theory. 

If you don't have a child, think of your spouse, your pet, your parents, or your best friend.

Of course there are universes where bad things are happening to you as well.

Have you ever thought of this before?

Is there any way to escape these seemingly necessary conclusions?

Do you still believe in the infinite universes concept?


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Unseen, I'm not stating that parallel realities are impossible. However, I've seen nothing that would support the notion. We cannot prove that something does not exist, many would agree.

My use of the word universe boils down to the concept of it being all inclusive. Therefore if alternate realities are real, as I categorize things, I would include alternate realities in my definition of universe.

I don't think multiverse is wrong, it just isn't for me right now.

The physicists who believe it base the belief on mathematical calculations that imply solutions to problems. But don't ask me to provide you with the formulas. My math doesn't go far beyond geometry and basic algebra. 

As for physicists and their expensive theories, I am inclined to invoke Clark's third law:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

If we are entertaining the idea that there may be more than one universe, perhaps we should also consider that there may be less than one universe.

There are uncountably many (way more than infinity)ways a universe can exist, but only one in which the universe did not ever exist.

"more than an infinity"?

Some potential universes make no sense.  For instance, we wouldn't expect to ever find a universe that is exactly like ours, except that all the libraries (both personal and public) have books, all of whose pages are blank.

Some things in THIS universe make no sense despite the fact that we generally regard this universe as pretty sensible.

In 2010, Michael Brooks wrote a book with the title 13 Things That Don't Make Sense. In the book he discusses very serious things right here in this universe that happened or are happening that defy not just reason, but in some cases physical law.

Strangely, one thing he doesn't discuss in the book is one of the most nonsensical things of all: quantum entanglement.

The point is simply that you can't argue that something can't make sense in one of an infinite number of universes when the one we know doesn't entirely make sense. 

Of course, there are more mundane examples of nonsense as well: Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?. Why do escalator handrails move at a different speed from the escalator steps? Why isn't sales tax built into the price of a product? Why does a business ask an applicant to submit a resume AND fill out a form asking for all of the same information? Stuff like that. 

Nonsense is with us all the time right here in this universe.

I expect that the 'multiple universes', 'problem' is roughly equal to the, 'what if you lived in a hospital for the criminally insane, what would your perfect day look like?', 'problem'.

Remember that 'YOU' will be not be in most of them, I expect.

Another way to look at the 'problem' is that, the Earth will not exist in many of them, 'intelligent life' may never develop, Robin Williams will be president of United States, Mickey Mouse will lead our fighting chickens against the murdering wombats, and imagination is confused with rationality more often than not.

We have enough 'problems' with missing airplanes, noisy neighbors, and climate change, let the 'fighting chickens' fend for themselves....;p)    

You really don't understand the concept of infinity. Sure, there may be universes without me or planet earth or even energy and matter as we know it, but there will still be an infinity of universes with an instance of me in them.

Infinity isn't like a pie that you can slice in half leaving only half as much. You can take pieces out of an infinite pie and there will still be an infinity of pie left.

Now, that which is actually impossible will never happen. A circle can't also be a five-pointed star and Mickey Mouse will never be a living being because it's impossible to be both actual and fictitious at the same time. 

I will be good in some of them and I will be doing things the me here and now would find detestable in an infinite number of them, for any portion of an infinity is also an infinity.

I will be good in some of them and I will be doing things the me here and now would find detestable in an infinite number of them, for any portion of an infinity is also an infinity.

So, where do you propose this realization will get us, or you? I don't get (yet) if notions of infinities are supposed to provide significant insight, or is it just another way to produce perplexing fallacies that will in the end produce a"solution" that'snomore useful than "undefinable". Doesanyone reallyexpect that we'll be able to find (somewhere out there in the vastness of infinityLand) and then somehow even interact with it? Or interact with one of your other selves? This problem seems tome as intrctible as the thought problem of time travel.

My bigger question to you would be this: How can you even define this other "you" as a bonefide, real "you", and how could it even ever be considered relevant to the "real you", whoever that is? Over billions of years of evolution of a universe, how likely is it, really, that you could even find this universe that's somehow managed to remain recognizably similar to the current one? I just don't get what you think this speculation could lead to. Godly omnipotence?

The concept of multiple universes is mentioned many times in Hindu Puranic literature, such as in the Bhagavata Purana:
Every universe is covered by seven layers — earth, water, fire, air, sky, the total energy and false ego — each ten times greater than the previous one. There are innumerable universes besides this one, and although they are unlimitedly large, they move about like atoms in You. Therefore You are called unlimited (Bhagavata Purana 6.16.37)

So it is ironic that in some circles it is used to render a grand architect unnecessary, thus countering the anthropic principle. Yet in Hunduism, it sides with their faith.


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