Came across it on t.v. the other day and decided to watch it since I haven't in such a long time...boy was that movie about the struggle for faith!  I just couldn't decide whether the movie was for or against Atheism.  It seems because of the ending that they were attempting to convey believing in God was not only necessary but right.  What do you guys think?

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"desperately isolated," Diane? I rather enjoy the solitude! Who needs a multi-tentacled neighbor dropping by to borrow a cup of graagh ever day or so?

Even if we DID get a visit from another world, Arizona would find a way to send them packing! If we can't coexist with our Mexican neighbors, how could we expect to treat our intra-galactic ones? If they're out there, it's quite possible they bypass our planet for a reason --

In case you haven't guessed, I don't think very much of some of us.

You might like Melancholia where the protagonist Kirsten Dunst is convinced that we are alone on the universe, that life on earth is evil, and earth should be destroyed.

That's why I love the movie. So not "Hollywood happy ending."

All of his movies are like that *boom* in your face there's no god!. And there are many directors out there with this unusual approach. Of course not americans not in Hollywood.

And now imagine that barbarity (for barbarity can't be ruled out) tied with an almost unimaginable technology.

Actually, our own entry into the space program came about as a result of the cold war, as a demonstration that "ours is bigger than yours," so to speak - why would we not imagine that another civilization might not have initiated their own space program for military reasons?

Put that much advanced technology behind a military mentality, and what do you have --? Certainly not the Welcome Wagon!

Isolation is probably good. Any species who could get here might, as Stephen Hawking cautions, be coming to harvest us.

But I'm not worried, given all the obstacles to getting here.

That is a possibility, but I think that fear is just a reflection of what humans have done in the past to each other. Personally I think a species that could travel at near-light speed or super-luminar speeds if it is possible, would have survived their technological adolescence  by becoming a global species. I think they would be peaceful.

Or perhaps they gained their technology through conquest, the way, for example, the U.S. got the Nazi rocket technology after the war. I find this idea that any advanced species must be non-predatory a bunch of wishful thinking. I'm in line with Stephen Hawking who fears that if some alien beings come here, we can't assume their intentions are good.

Precaution towards what we don't understand is a good thing.

Resources is the only thing I could imagine being a motivating factor to enslave another species. But a species that is capable of interstellar travel needs to be able to harness vast amounts of energy and other resources to begin with, and I don't think the earth can provide anything that could not be found easily anywhere else in the cosmos (except for life). In short, I think a species that would be interested in exploiting our species would do it simply because they are sadistic. Possible but I think unlikely.

I think they most likely would be indifferent towards us. Maybe take a human or two and test on them and learn about us once in a while. Like we do with other animals. In fact, since intelligent life is a rarity the only thing of value we can offer beings of that intellect is a reality show on how a civilization struggles to avoid self-destruction.

A race that can cross space will likely need to refuel. If their locomotion is based on hydrogen (one possibility) they'll be looking for water in some form or other because they will know how to separate it from the oxygen. (Ironic, isn't it, that once you break water molecules apart, you have two ingredients that can be used for combustion!)

Unseen, the hydrogen atom is the most plentiful of all of the elements in the universe - why on earth, literally, would they need to come here and separate H2O molecules, just to get hydrogen?


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