Came across it on t.v. the other day and decided to watch it since I haven't in such a long time...boy was that movie about the struggle for faith!  I just couldn't decide whether the movie was for or against Atheism.  It seems because of the ending that they were attempting to convey believing in God was not only necessary but right.  What do you guys think?

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After the book came out there was furious activity into finding the most digits of pi.  People, obviously took the suggestion of a message in the digits as a serious possibility!

If I recall correctly, it ends where she is reunited with her dead father. I don't see how this relates to theism unless you feel certain this would not be possible, because there was no god involved or mentioned in the movie.

There are certainly several, if not dozens, of possible explanations for her reunion with her father, including an alien intelligence that can read one's mind and grant the wishes it finds there.

There are far more hardcore Atheist movies, examples: Den brysomme mannen (Norway) Martyrs (France) Breaking the waves (Denmark) The Antichrist (Denmark) Det sjunde inseglet (Sweden) Salo (Italy) Le conseguenze dell'amore (Italy) Agora (Spain) Open your eyes (Spain) Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (South Korea) Oldboy (South Korea).

The directors of ALL this films are Atheists and they make their statement loud and clear for atheists to understand it behind a good plot, theists only see the superficial level of the films.

Another good movies are The tree of life(hard to watch too many emotions and too long), We need to talk about Kevin(excellent) and Melancholia(nihilistic).

I loved Melancholia. It's a slow-paced movie, but slow pace doesn't bother me. I like car chases, explosions, and shootouts as much as any guy, but character studies need time.

This is why I love Hamlet so much, whether it's Kenneth Branagh's, Mel Gibson's, or Ethan Hawke's (I think the Hawke version is my favorite).

"'I'm a very bad Catholic. In fact, I'm becoming more and more of an atheist. Religion in general is shit. I know that much." the words of the director himself. How not to love his movies?

I can't believe you left out Olivier! Must be that Alzheimer's flaring up again --

The movie is crap but to answer your question at the end there is EVIDENCE that what she experienced was real. And that's the point of the movie, that for what is real there'll be evidence no matter how absurd it is. While for god there is none. But this is stated in a subtle way. maybe because is Hollywood.

To me the movie does not make belief in god necessary, instead it shows that a feeling of wonder, beauty and humility is not monopolized by religious experiences. It also presents how our cosmic loneliness has been the root of all our troubles....that is what I got from that movie

I remember it being very New Age at the end, and certainly not Christian, despite the sympathetic Christian character played by Matthew McCaunaghey. However, it's been quite a while since I saw it.

The book was one of those pivotal books I happened upon in my youth that made me really think about the cosmos and our place in it.  I didn't get any feeling from the book that we should believe in a god, but that other life and dimensions exist  - should we exercise our willing suspension of disbelief.  

The book laid the groundwork for reading more of his books, and for learning more about cosmology, planetary evolution, evolution of life, and our desperately isolated position here on Earth,


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