Is it good or bad? Why is it unforgettable to you? Have you learned something from it?

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I'm sorry for the loss of your cousin Pinky. I'm also sorry you feel responsible for her death, outraged at her killer, and frustrated that he (or she) has escaped justice. I won't tell you not to feel that way. But I will tell you this.

The chains of cause and effect are unknowable and unbreakable. Yes, she might be alive if you had traveled with her. Or, you might be dead with her. Or, maybe she stopped to check her phone, and that changed her timing by ten seconds, and put her in front of that car 30 minutes later. You'll never know. Instead, focus on what you do know: the very last link in the chain. The person who killed your cousin is most responsible for her death.

I wish I could comfort you with assurances the killer will be caught, or will face God after he dies. But he won't, so I can't. All I can say is the whole of human history is full of injustices that will never be put right, from bicycle theft to genocide. It's beyond your power to change the past, but within your power to change yourself to live with the way you feel about it.

she was hit two times, some of the witness said that to me when i came back to the crime scene, they said that she was about to stand that time when another car hit her again, pushing him a few meters away. she was dead when she arrived at the hospital, traumatic head injury was the findings.,


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