I saw this and thought it was interesting:


I'm moving to Vermont. ;)

Anyone on here live in the top 10 crazy states?

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The interactive graphic is here.

I was in SC for 8 years. Ranked #2 in belief! *twitch, twitch*

I'm now back in my home state of MD which is apparently right at the national average. Interesting that 71% of the people around here are absolutely certain an invisible man lives in the sky. That number seems high, but I guess that's because there is much more religious diversity in my area. Down South it is ALL Christian and they're very in your face about it.

In my building now I have a single middle aged Buddhist woman on my right. She has a meeting group over on Tuesday evenings and you can always hear them chanting. To my left is a young Muslim couple with 2 kids from Saudi Arabia. Across the hall is an elderly Christian lady. I'm the resident heathen of the 19th floor. We're all friends. No one preaches. It's pretty awesome.
I don't live in a "state" - I live in a house. My house is in a neighborhood. It's a neighborhood in a city. There is a large university in the city. If I go around worrying about how all the people in my state (TX) behave
1. that is a category error, no one can ever find out "first hand" how people behave.
2. a state is not a closed thermodynamic system.
3. Vermont is pretty small state and you will change it just by thinking about moving there AND 25 evangelicals are on the way to Vermont right now to "fix" it.
MD isn't doing too bad. But we still have a ways to go... especially nation wide.
Yeah, and we're one of 14 states that doesn't allow atheists to hold public office! :( But still better than some... like Mississippi.
Yeah, that law really gets my goat. Luckily it can't be legally enforced, but I still hate that it's on the books.
Even here, basically half the people think religion is very important. Pretty sad, considering we are one of the most progressive states in the county.
My state; Pa is average. It sure doesn't seem like it thought. one word...Amish.
I live in Michigan even though it was not on the list I think religion is half-half. On the southern part where I live it is more liberal, but once you go up north or to the U.P. It is God fearing country. I was thinking of going to Vanderbilt for college, but after looking at the list for Tennessee #5 most religious state, I might have to reconsider this choice.
Alabama.... Need I say more?

The up side is if I were to put a big red A on anything, I'm just taken as a University of Alabama fan.
Happy I dont live in any of those states
Louisiana baby!! # 4 for the believers! I got a lot of work to do to turn my state around, lol.
I'm #7 in the least religious states - Oregon.


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