I am a stereotypical virgo and an atheist. I realize all of the zodiac signs have multitudes of atheists, but wonder if there are more atheists from a particular zodiac sign?

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Even though it's all bullshit, I can't seem to stop reading it every morning...been reading it since I'm a kid with my comics in the newspaper...bad habits are hard to break

Hmm.. Are these the silly astrological thingies? I'm the scaly things from late september, whatever that implies.

Scorpio.  Because we'll sting your ass if you get jesus on us.  And yes, this is silly but fun bullshit.

James Randi experiment on Astrology.

First, I will say that you'll find that many will not share your belief in astrology. I am of the mindset that astrology is false, but Atheism makes no statement on astrology, so you may believe what you wish. I'd opine that to be an inconsistent application of skepticism, but I also don't know you or you life either. You claim that you notice similarities among those that share the same sign. My first thought was that it was likely due to confirmation bias (as Nelson also said in his excellent post). But what of the studies where people were given 'their' horoscope, said it was 100% spot on, and then learned that it was not theirs? Horoscopes are so vague and the properties given to members of each sign are inclusive enough, that they can be applied to most anyone at some point in their life. As an experiment, I just went and read all twelve zodiac descriptions. They all applied to me at points, as well as didn't at points. I'd say that no single one applied to my life as a whole more accurately than the others. Plus we grow and change as people, so I could see where someone could feel that one sign may match their youth well, where another may seem to match them better in adulthood.


But which am I? Well, I guess it depends on which zodiac you are going by... Just for fun, I'm either Cancer(old) or Gemini(current).

I am very much interested in the Zodiac, and think it is important not to dismiss certain coincidences though coincidences they may be. All sorts of odd things happen that have no explaination. While I will not fill the answer with magic or faith, I will also not deny that it could be true.

The Zodiac is something I do not look into as a spiritual thing, nor do I tend to ponder it's "power" so to speak, but there is evidence that people born at certain times of year DO exhibit personalities similar to the profile of a sign. Everyone that I know personally fits into their Zodiac sign. One might argue with me and say that I am only looking for a certain personalitiy so I am going to find it, and ignore any hint at otherwise. No, I do look into people to see if they truely match their sign, and a very high majority of the time, their personality is a match.

I am a Scorpio, and have tended toward the same habits and attitudes since childhood, since before I even knew what signs were.

I am not superstitious, I am simply acknowledging a coincidence and accepting that it applies to me and those around me.

I certainly think that astrology is a load of BS for all the same reasons that Nelson argued... but it's fun BS so I'll play.  I'm either Sagittarius (according to standard horoscope in US) or Scorpio  (according to the 'new' zodiac model). According to Chinese astrology I am an Ox.

yeah, I'll play too! I'm Gemini, and in Chinese I'm Fire Horse, which means that had I been conceived in China, I would have been aborted. Cuz Fire Horses are believed to be disruptive forces in society. Did I suffer confirmation bias for some years in these matters, of course. Has that bias left a permanent trace in my life, most certainly. Is it too late to undo... meh, maybe, maybe not :)

My zodiac sign is Ursa Minor.

And I refuse to believe any astrological rants until somebody explains to me why exactly there is no Ursa Minor in their zodiac, and some other 12 signs are.

Because it seems that you follow astrology a little...


I'm a Capricorn, Cancer moon, Cancer rising. 


During my deconversion I played around with everything, including astrology and Tarot. 

I've gotten everything I can out of astrology, but I do still play with my Tarot cards from time to time. 


Before you all flay me, let me explain. 


Like astrology, Tarot is full of vague statements that could apply equally to everyone. The only reason it means anything to anybody is that we seem to arbitrarily pick out the bits that mean the most to us at any particular point in time. 


Thus, I've decided to use Tarot as a tool for self-reflection. I "meditate" occasionally, usually when I'm having a particularly bad bout of depression (I know I'm diagnose-able, but too poor to afford professional treatment, so I get by with diet, meditation, exercise, and a lot of cold showers). Whatever cards come up, I can then look into their "meaning" and figure out what it is that's bothering me at that point. It's more a way of hacking my own brain than anything else. No, I do not believe they are "foretelling" anything. 


I did the same thing a while ago when I looked up my natal chart. 

I say, that's a rather good idea. Looking into stuff such as tarot (or any similar form of "fortune telling") seems like a clever way to find out what your subconsciousness is doing at the moment. That's a useful bit of information, for those who know how to use it.

Yeah, I've read in a few different books on depression that cold showers help in some respect. Can't remember exactly why, but they do wake you up in the morning, I'll tell you what. 


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