I am a stereotypical virgo and an atheist. I realize all of the zodiac signs have multitudes of atheists, but wonder if there are more atheists from a particular zodiac sign?

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I received a job posting by a restaurant owner who admitted that she hires staff based on their zodiac signs.  She said it made her staff more compatible! I called her to suggest that, just as in racism, she was hiring based on an accident of birth. Also that astrology was similar to religion, and to hire according to it was prejudicial. Also, I told her that if she hired only Catholics, or only Jews, her staff would also be more compatible, but that it was unfair and illegal.  She said she wasn't breaking any law, and that the position was filled!

It'd be lovely if someone calculated the answers so far to make a list of how many of what we have so far :)

Me: Aries by sun sign, my guess for rising sign is Leo, and moon in Virgo. Of those Virgo is surprisingly strong, but usually Capricorn matches me best (if I read the descriptions of stereotypical sign representatives).

Other half: Taurus (also an infidel - no clue of the other signs as I haven't bothered with astrology for years) - also all my previous relationships have been with Taurus (or Capricorns or Aquarius)

Mum: Aries (but she's a fundie Christian so apparently Aries can swing both ways)


If you were a true atheist, you wouldn't be asking this sort of question about astrological mumbo jumbo.

The root cause of all the trouble is religion, which is mixed with business. The fact is many of the business are religious; the religious people will first help the poor because they will do what they tell them to do.  Once they get the money and come out of poverty, they’ll continue to do the same thing.

This is happing in many countries. When we see the fact, no person is becoming rich because of the religions people, or all the rubbish stuff they do and teach. For example today the US is in debit of 8.5 trillion dollars due to bank bailouts. Now the point is where is this money? This money is outside with the people or business or other countries. So one needs to calculate how many people are become rich and new business started. The combined amount of money spend from world war two to the current war is 3.5 trillion. Again this money to is out.

It is this money on who’s backing new ways of business are started to get the money out of people hand’s, and astrology is one such business. The reason why astrology has survived is because; they help other business and change the perception of a person. Astrology also helps in controlling the crowed. As there are only 12 sun signs, this means you can divide the population in 12 different groups, and control them as you want, however, the visual picture is such, the 12 sun signs are the 12 horse of a chariot. Now you need a driver for the chariot, and there will be someone sitting in it. This is a democratic way of controlling people.

The only way to avoid it is to stop reading them, and discourage others. Try sending letters to newspaper both online and the tabloid to stop the printing of astrological material and replace it with health related material.

One should be aware, not to fight to stop these legal scammers, as what they are doing is business. If you fight business, you are fighting against your own country. These businesses should be dissolved and then replaced by a new business to fill the gap.

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