I am a stereotypical virgo and an atheist. I realize all of the zodiac signs have multitudes of atheists, but wonder if there are more atheists from a particular zodiac sign?

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Torot cards are pretty!  I, too, have played with them and given readings.  I always said, to anyone I read for, that the results are nonsense .  I told them it was silly fun and meant nothing.  But, it IS fun.

Has anyone read a book by Dr. Max Luscher, called "COLOR TEST". It was written in 1948, and has been used as an accurate, psychological test since then. It comes with 8 colored cards.  It gives uncanny results when studying your navel.  It's great for self analysis, not in searching for mental illness, but just to get a handle on your feelings and unconscious stresses.  It's not woo, but a trusted tool in psychology.  It's also fun

I'm an Aries, which is supposedly the asshole of the zodiac signs. Even though I know that astroglogy is a load of shit, but strangely the "characteristics" of Aries seems to fit me very well.


I am a Leo any way you slice it, and also have the 'typical' personality of one... what I mean isn't important though. I know many people in and outside this sign with very similar personalities. And I don't think it's confirmation bias, because I was the way I am before I knew, and I have never accepted the zodiac either religiously or non. It's just a coincidence. Like someone having the name Michael Bolton.


And I think both the zodiac and especially horoscopes are obviously mere suggestive/self-fulfilling trinketry. Virtually the same self-swallowing mechanism you find in religion.

Hehe, I think I'll play too. 


I had to chuckle a little when I realized that I'm a Virgo too... The fact that I never remember "what I am" tells you how much I pay attention that nonsense. But I would guess that given a large enough sample size, the answer is no.


Also, Mother Teresa was apparently a Virgo. So was Pee Wee Herman and Ivan the Terrible...

Hi Spike, as long as you listen to reason, as in Nelson's posts - And actually try to rethink your position and ask serious questions, then you can feel free to post anything you want here without too much giggling from the skeptic community here.  


Nelson basically destroyed your original argument, so if you were a totally awesome Atheist, you would take that argument and rethink your position.  :)

I'm a Scorpio. But Astrology is rubbish. Here's an article I wrote recently which is very relevant. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it. Hopefully you won't be offended. 



i havn't read through all 5 pages yet, but one thing i would think could effect mental growth based on sign, would be when the child enters school.


i am a virgo born in the year of the rat, and i fall into the stereo type of both.

I think any possible similarities between "signs" have something to do with where their birth date places them in terms of schooling, involvement in athletics, etc very similar to the case made in the book "Outliers". Essentially, if your birth date puts you in a position to be one of the oldest people in your class or sports team, there is a theory that you are more likely to be "advanced" developmentally as compared to the younger kids in your class/team growing up. You therefore become used to being dominant, successful, confident etc. This leads to a shared "personality" so to speak. I also think there are other elements of socialization that may be linked to what time of year you were born. There is absolutely nothing astrological about birth dates that links people of the same sign. That's horse shit (I am Taurus....bull headed and living up to it.....because people told me Tauruses are bull headed when I was a kid.....see, socialization.)

Andrew, very interesting take on the age of the kids as they enter school.  Of course it makes all kinds of sense.

The only thing I have in common with other Scorpios is that people who believe in astrology tend to make ridiculous presumptions about my character. I'd be really happy if that stopped.

I just had a disagreement with my MIL over astrology, she believes all this plus she is a staunch Catholic.  She has no idea I and my two adult children are Atheists.  Her son is still safely religious.  Otherwise, she would write him out of her will and I don't want that to happen to him.

for fun:

me:    Cancer

son:   Capricorn

Daughter:  Pisces/Aquarius cusp



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