I am a stereotypical virgo and an atheist. I realize all of the zodiac signs have multitudes of atheists, but wonder if there are more atheists from a particular zodiac sign?

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I'm convinced that organized religion and god are complete nonsense, but DO believe people of the same zodiac sign very often share similiar personality characteristics. I'm new here, just joined, and I don't know how my beliefs will fit-in with this groups beliefs?

That is not a popular belief here, but that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't be here.  Think Atheist promotes critical thinking and has a strong Skeptical bent.

I would ask what exactly you believe to be true about astrology and why you believe it?

I believe the possibility exists that biological changes that occur within the mothers womb during the fetal development of the childs brain ("possibly" caused by magnetic/lunar forces in nature) "might" be the reason for such similiar characteristic tendencies in individuals that share the same zodiac signs (such as virgos being analytical, cancers being emotional etc.). Of course, I realize the upbringing of an individual can weigh greatly on their overall character and tendencies... But, I have known four other people that share my August 31st birthday and we are all very similiar in thoughts and tendencies, and as a whole most virgos that I associate with are very similiar... I am by no means suggesting this is Gods "master plan", I think it is more of an evolutionary process.


Excellent answer.

Nelson what a great graphic. Aries my "sign's" unique word is "whatever"! Explains a lot. DAMN YOU ASTROLOGY! WHATEVER!

Thank you for saving me the trouble of coming up with an almost identical reply that would point out everything you just did.

The zipper on your trousers generates more gravitational force on you than the nearest star. And the nearest star isn't even in a constellation.

Besides, constellations only appear the way they do in a particular time frame and from a particular angle.

Wow, that's a really good response. But than you always have the best responses. :)

Perhaps the differences you refer to, which I think are mostly anecdotal and not scientifically proven, may be due to the effect on children of the behavior of people in their lives who BELIEVE in astrology. But I doubt if there really is any correlation other than that engendered by the subconscious mental filters operating in the minds of people who believe in astrology and thus are more likely to notice confirming evidence than disconfirming evidence. Like I said, where is your SCIENTIFIC evidence? It's hard to imagine how constellations, which may appear in a flat-looking sky to make a vaguely coherent grouping, but which are composed of stars which vary in distance from us wildly, could function as a group to form human personality into highly discrete chunks of humanity who are all alike in terms of some personality traits. Astrology is just a way to form preconceptions about people you don''t know very much about, which makes it somewhat akin to racism.

It could be argued that when you are born determines what seasonal environments you are exposed to first. It also would effect what seasonal environment the mother experiences as you are developing in her womb.

I actually think this is possible. I mean think about it. If you are experiencing the hustle and bustle of the Fall/Winter season like many do (Indoors, visiting with family, attending parties, etc.) during an important developmental stage it could shape your personality.

So maybe it has less to do with birthdays and more to do with your developmental stages and the season within which they coincide.

In short I think it's possible.

I think the reason that zodiac signs often seem to suit their holders, is that the first year of life will be different for a baby born in the cold winter, and kept bundled up indoors, than for a baby born in the early summer who is dressed lightly, without constraint, and who is taken outside among people and activity.  Just as wth other mysterious natural phenomena, when we look beyond the woo, there may lurk some proveable  reality. 


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