Two years ago my wife Nina gave me the most incredible gift one human being could give another. I doubt anything could have shown her love and commitment to me and our family more than the present she gave me, coming as it did from her body and soul, pretty much literally. As far as I am concerned she need never make any other gift to me, that one covers them all for life.

So in this season of giving my question to you all is this; Of all the gifts you have received which one do you feel truly came from the heart and mind (chosen with thought) of the one giving it to you ?


Judith vd R.

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I used to feel like the unhappiest person in the world, I spent 25 years bumping along the bottom of hell.  Then five years ago S. did something [seemingly] insignificant which means that today, I could possibly be the happiest person in the world.  I chuckle all day long about everything.  So that's why I call her my angel, and she too never needs to give me any other gift.  It's more a question of how I can ever repay her.  Well, it's fun trying. 

It is lovely when you find that right one.

Best wishes for the new year.



She gave me the gift of life and happiness.  It's a purely platonic friendship, but also deep true love.  She occupies the position in my life of "adored daughter".  I am not sure what my role is in her existence, but it's "something".  I feel privileged, also blessed, joyful... I hope I will attract someone I could fall in love with in a conventional way, and that will only strengthen my love for S. 

Oh yes, humor, I must confess I had not considered that, but you are very right. Thank you.

Best wishes for the new year.



A beer from my pops who had been clean and sober for almost 15 years and now has over 20.

I don't think gifts should mean anything other than that you want to do something nice for someone. If your looking for any greater meaning your asking to be let down. Whether your the giver and you expect the receiver to moved in some way or you expect to receive  that special gift, it can only lead to disappointment. A gift is just that nothing more don't make a big deal about it and someday you might be surprised.

Congratulations to your father for fighting each day and prevailing. I think gifts always do mean something even if we as either the giver or the recipient do not realise it, I reckon gift giving often works at a subconscious level.

Best wishes for the new year.

Regards, Judith.

As far as materialistic things, I think poems written by or crafts created by my daughters have been the most special to me.  Last year, my youngest daughter made me a small candle as a symbol of Humanism for HumanLight and this year they wrote beautiful poems for me that reflected their own observations of the world as well as things I have tried to teach them. 

As far as immaterial things, TNTC (too numerous to count)(kindness, joy, peace, intellectual stimulation, health, etc.......).


 Any chance you would post their poems ? I can appreciate the crafts thing, we are big on crafts in our family. I grew up with crafty parents, my dad is great at making the most delicate things despite his big farmers hands, and I learnt much from him, and all my cooking and baking skills from my mother. This year my wife and children made a memory box for me, it  looks like a big witches spell book, which is rather appropriate as I do work a lot with herbs !

Best wishes for the new year.

Regards, Judith.

I would prefer to write my resposne here in Dutch, but as this is an English language forum I suppose I should use English.

My gift to you was so easy to make, it required no thought, no consideration and it was well worth any risk. I would so easily do it all over again.

Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours.

Al mijn liefde,





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