Nietzsche writes in Beyond God and Evil of the 'new philosophers' future atheists who will reject all metaphysical notions, commanders and lawgivers who will live outside the herd concept of morality and have the strength, the will to power, to create their own values.

These new philosophers will say yes to life, yes even to the idea of eternal return because their experiments, their values will justify all of human existence.

With such ideas Nietzsche allows us to ask an amazing question, perhaps the most important question ever asked. The question is this: what undertaking might these new philosophers fabricate for mankind? What non-metaphysical project might these new philosophers give to mankind?

Remember the project would have to be so grand it would retrospectively make the entire history of human suffering worth it.

To put it another way: What shall we do for the next 10,000 years?

Answers on a postcard.

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self-centric is key to survival

Is it? What about symbiotic relationships? like those birds who pick meat out of the teeth of crocodiles...

Hmm. I think a lot of us would see both creatures having a self-interest in that situation. You can't see that?

Cheap energy is a nice idea but will that solve the human condition of greed?

Exactly! I believe we have the technology today to feed and shelter all 7b of us.

Do you really believe that if we fed and sheltered everyone we'd have a better world or would it just contribute to increasing the world population more quickly with the consequent accelerated destruction of the planet?

You're mixing two problems. Over-population should, indeed, be addressed - but not by just letting millions starve.

It's probably got to be plague or war, then. It's not like it's a very practical idea to take the birth control approach.

I sometimes wonder if such a form of energy is possible. Most things cease to be benign when scaled up to the level required to supply the needs of 7 billion humans. Build enough windmills and they will have a noticeable effect on wind and weather, I would imagine.

Renewables probably won't have nearly the drawbacks of fossil fuels, but still, it's interesting to speculate.

Pursue a course of discovery and explanation of the universe for the sheer hedonistic thrill of the process of doing so and the results we find. That is basically the reason I wake up in the morning.  

The most important question ever asked is this:

"What is the most important question ever asked?"

"What are you thinking?"

Bullshit...the most important question ever asked was:

"Paper or Plastic?"


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