Nietzsche writes in Beyond God and Evil of the 'new philosophers' future atheists who will reject all metaphysical notions, commanders and lawgivers who will live outside the herd concept of morality and have the strength, the will to power, to create their own values.

These new philosophers will say yes to life, yes even to the idea of eternal return because their experiments, their values will justify all of human existence.

With such ideas Nietzsche allows us to ask an amazing question, perhaps the most important question ever asked. The question is this: what undertaking might these new philosophers fabricate for mankind? What non-metaphysical project might these new philosophers give to mankind?

Remember the project would have to be so grand it would retrospectively make the entire history of human suffering worth it.

To put it another way: What shall we do for the next 10,000 years?

Answers on a postcard.

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What shall we do for the next 10,000 years?

Well, if we, humans, don't wipe us out of the face of the planet, we might learn that we must stop destroying the planet and killing each other, and start to change the way we live, and how our society works...

Maybe in this period of 10.000 years we can get rid of the present day religions. But i doubt that religion would cease to exist because humans tend to think and want to believe that there has to be more then here an when someone gives them something to believe in, that at least at first impression seems to be what they are looking for, they will immediately grab it. Hopefully, religion might be something of the minority. But that will only be possible if everyone gets a decent education, on all aspects

@Brazillian Atheist - speaking of everyone getting a decent education, remember the little 15-year old Pakistani girl, Malala Yousef, who was shot in the head because she had been told no girls in school, but she chose to go anyway? There is a petition out, at, in an attempt to get a million signatures from around the world, to try to get the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan to offer education to all of Pakistan's girls.

I've been watching it closely, and of all the countries from which people have signed it, there have been more Brazilians than any other country - you guys down there rock! No wonder you're from Porto Alegre!

If you haven't signed it yet, please do, and that goes for anyone else too - we're almost there!

Perhaps figure out a way to support hydrogen fusion in the sun's core (I believe it's hydrogen fusion, I could be wrong) so as it doesn't expand into a red giant and destroy the earth. Good thing we have another 5 billion years to do this :)

Wouldn't it be simpler, Sam - assuming we don't destroy the planet LONG before the expanding sun has the opportunity - to use those 5 billion years to just relocate? I mean, that's a LOT of time --


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