About the Abrahamic religions,

I have 3 points to discuss,


#1- What is the most harmful religion in your opinion?


#2-  What is the most harmful side of that most harmful religion?


#3- I know we can not eradicate any religion, but it must be a smart way to mitigate it.                                                     

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Every, and I repeat EVERY religion is misogynistic, including Buddhism. It is in my lifetime in the Catholic church, that Nuns were walking around in total black heavy material, completely covered garb, complete with hajib, and were only good for looking after priests, and doing the heavy social work in the community. Exactly the same as the fundamental islamist of today.

One of the reasons there are so many pedophile priests is the hatred of the catholic church has for women, and these catholic countries are taught sex is bad, and women are the cause of the evil of sex. Exclusive bretheren - arranged marriages, and total control of the women, mormon, arranged marriages and total control of the women etc.etc.etc.

The negative attitudes of women is in the bible, it all comes from the same source, the same areas of the world. Christian, Islamist are both desert, superstitious, primitive, tribal, and have the same rules. Western society is now ahead of the arabic religions, but only just.

The women in these countries are fighting for freedom, but are at best ostracized, at worst killed.

The result - all religions are hypocritical and scared and control by fear.

Wow, Suzanne Olson-Hyde I love you :)

G'day hope, Scratch my surface and my feminism fangs come out. If any one makes an announcement "I am a christian, I say "RUUUNNNN! There was a recent post saying they should send all christians to an island like Australia. Well they did, a couple of hundred years ago, and today we have a Female, Atheist, unmarried and living with her boyfriend Prime Minister. How brilliant is that!!!!!

Atheists are not threatened or scared as they are, it seems, in America for instance. But we still have to do battle with the likes of the catholic church, and a frigging Archbishop by the name of George Pell, and the rise of Islam here, and their burka clad women. We can do battle, and make comments in newspapers about the catholic church and islam. So it is all good.

Are you talking about that bogan who back stabbed K.Rudd and promised not to bring in

The comment thing is playing up on me!


Case on point: there was divine intervention which got Gillard in, well nearly. 

"That bogan" - see what I mean - mean spirited.


Oh, Definitely intervention of some sort, the lovely Kevin being a christian, photographed in front of the church every Sunday morning. His prayers just didn't seem to work to keep him in power. And the rest of the lovely christians in parliament attacking the fact that Julia Gillard is childless, unmarried, what would she know, AND she has strange earlobes. Oh, yes, this was all from christians. etc etc.

Really welcoming, loving people.

Your christian misogyny is showing, my friend.

And then there is the fabulous Fred Nile, who is so full of hate and bile. And Tony Abbott, who has chats over tea and cake with the equally fabulous catholic Archbishop George Pell, who hates women, protects pedophiles, who ignores victims of pedophiles and tells them to get over it, "That was all in the past".

That's the thing. The christians who talk about politics, the different religious groups who talk politics are so full of hate. The Exclusive Brethren who don't pay taxes, BUT put money into the coffers of the Liberal party. As does Hillsong , a very big fundamentalist group in Sydney, the leader of which had to turf HIS pedophile father, whose business partners are being sued for 56 million dollars by a small coffee grower for not paying Gloria Jeans bills.

Ah, yes the spirit of christianity.

Give me a Prime Minister who doesn't rely on the great spirit in the sky, or a manual from the desert tribes of 2,000 years ago, on how to live today, because if that is the case, can I ask a question, do you prove your faith by playing with snakes, and can you tell me, who bought those frigging termites on board the ark???

I don't care what people believe in, just don't foist your views on me.

Christians and other denominations have their own schools. Stay out of secular schools.

I do believe that the brainwashing and indoctrination of children is child abuse. That certain christian groups disown their children if the children do not want to follow that faith anymoe. So loving.


The christian lobby has in the past overturned legistlation on euthanasia. Foisting christian views on me. If you don't like euthanasia or abortion or whatever, thats ok, just don't put those views on me. Certainly talk about anything, just let me say 'No, I don't agree, but you can do whatever in your heart is right, just let me do what I think is right in my heart."



You know when you type a comment and you cant be bothered to type another one? 

That is what happened.


Gillard is a joke, I dont care if she is an atheist, or a Jedi. 



Back stabbed the PM, K.Rudd.

Was only re-elected because Liberal wants to do away with the NBN project and because no one likes Abott as the PM.

Incompotent Independents sided with Labour, when they should of sided with the Liberals (They will be voted out next time).

Now she wants to bring the carbon tax in, an extra $2000 per year for the average household. 

It willl be a miracle, bigger than the virgin birth if she actually gets re-elected.


I agree with you Tony Abott is a joke and would not make a good PM. However someone like Malcom Turnbull would do a great job of leading this country into the future and out of debt.

Oh, I agree about how Julia and Labor got rid of Kevin, very bad form - and true to form, when something is dodgy, they always put the female as a scapegoat - ala tobacco industry, banks, James Hardie debacle etc. Christina Kenneally. Anything wrong with airplanes, airports, out comes the token woman, and yes, Julia will probably lose next election - so be it.

I agree, Malcolm Turnbull would make a really good Prime Minister, but they are keeping Abbot, just to prove a point. I am a middle of the roader, and so is Malcolm. Liberals will lose if they keep on socialisng with Pauline Hansen and co. More hateful people, and guarantee they are "Christian".

I agree, Independents will go, but their heart is in the right place, but Australia will lose when they go. They just didn't play the game, they didn't get down and dirty. They are thought of as incompetent, because they ARE naive, and that just doesn't work in politics.

What I find really interesting is that people who profess to be christians are also right wing. I am sure that is because of the way the brain is wired. I know that you are right wing, and I am more left.


The thing that I don't understand with christians is that "Jesus" from your bible, was also left wing - a radical of his time - wanting to help others, help the community - none of the selfish, bugger you Jack, I'm all right attitude of the majority of right wingers. So, what am I missing.

I think the only 'good' christians are the Salvation Army, who practice what they preach. I always go on what a persons intentions are - Its fantastic that Labor lost NSW - corrupt, incompetent, only looking after themselves, that is why they lost - not true labor values.

I also don't think there should be a carbon tax, but I really do want alternative sources of clean energy, even China, a Communist country is ahead in this field, Yeh, Yeh, I know they are opening up new coal fired power plants etc. But China is also a leader in clean energy - solar energy, wind power, bio-energy, hydropower, and other sources of alternative energy are those China are willing to invest. 

China regards these sources of green energy as one important part of its green and sustainable development. Its just good business.


I just love the internet - that is why the Atheist movement is growing, we can all keep in touch - and discuss everything, and support each other, and brownie points to you for coming onto an atheist site.


Cheers - Suzanne







If only all those Muslim women could just get one way tickets to liberal parts of the West they would find a warm welcome and maybe the Muslim men would wake up.  We don't have laws allowing polygamy, but no one gets in trouble for living in a "group" home.  Hint, hint.


Actually, all kidding aside, I would like to point out one thing that is very harmful about Islam and that is polygamy.  Societies that officially allow polygamy, especially if they don't allow women the freedom to opt out, will always have injustice.  Even more harmful than the injustice toward the women is that toward men who are not wealthy enough to afford wives.  Such societies will always have an underclass of frustrated, angry males who are willing to do anything (literally) to get a wife.  Depriving men of sex, or even the hope of it, will drive many of them insane--perhaps not in a literal, clinical way, but their thoughts and actions will begin to reflect a certain level of insanity.  Personally, I think this explains 9/11 as much as anything else.  Muhammed Atta was a classic case.

Well said Mo Trauen,

I appreciate your rational replies.

I have to disagree with you there.  I agree that Islam is probably the worst of the major religions (though Judaism, its prototype, is not far off), but polygamy isn't the biggest reason.  It's not even in the top ten.  Polygamy was once a useful social practice in certain environments and, like many other social institutions, arose for reasons that are not all bad.  I don't think the Arabian Peninsula, pre-oil, was truly inhabitable without some form of polygamy.  If my grandfather had stuck to one wife at a time, it's very unlikely that he would have left ANY surviving offspring.  The problem with Islam is that it enshrined polygamy as a matter of religious law and thus allowed it to outlive its usefulness.  But I think real life is a stronger force, ultimately, then religion itself.  Even in backwards, Islamically-possessed Saudi Arabia, polygamy is very much the exception even though two generations ago it was the norm.

I hate polygamy! :( I think that the cheating husband is better than the polygamous one. :P

I've heard that men are polygamous by nature!!


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