Hi gals and guys!

I am in need of your help.

I am building a nice shiny splash page for the site, and I have section on there called, "Misconceptions about Atheism" I was thinking I could just use Sam Harris' post about 10 myths and 10 truths about atheism But I really want your input. So use Sam Harris' post as a template/guide on what I am looking for. Simple to the point and easy to understand.

Thanks! :]

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Atheists have gloomy dark little lives.

We care that Christians look down on and dislike us.

We are trying to persecute Christians.

That we are all angry people.
The myth that galls me the most is that: Atheists are wrong.
My favorite one is that Atheists are the same thing as the Antichrist. lol
That we are waging a war on religion.

speak for yourself, lol.

That atheists are out to destroy religion.
In addition to:
Atheists are immoral.

Atheists want to be immoral.

They make the choice to be atheist because lack of religion allows this immoral behaviour.

(These replies look terrible without the context of Morgan's first post :P)

1. Atheism is a belief.
2. Atheism is a religion.
3. Atheism is a cult.
4. Atheists hate God.
5. Atheists are worshiping the devil/ are the devil.
6. Atheists are all listening to rock.
7. Atheists are hateful persons.
8. Atheists have no morals.
9. Atheists have no purpose.
10. Atheists are living for nothing.
11. Atheists believe the universe originated from nothing.
12. Atheists are idiots, fools.
13. Atheists are incompatible with religious persons. Friendly atheists?
14. Atheism requires faith.
15. Atheism is just a phase.
16. Atheists are totalitarian.
17. Atheists have nothing to stop them from breaking the law.
18. Atheists are criminals, rapists, etc.
19. Atheists are emo or goths.
20. Atheists don't like children.
21. Atheists will go to hell.
The most common misconception about atheism is its spelling (as in, "How do I know that this gentleman has ink stains on the skin of his butt? Elementary, my dear Watson: remember he said you talk like a damn' feckin' ath.I.E.st? I can only conclude that he keeps his dictionary in the privy.")
We are more like Satanists than anything else.
We are wild people and have no morals.
We don't understand the Christian religion.
We are mean people.
We are like Jehovah's Witnesses and don't celebrate anything.
We automatically go to "hell".
The most common thing that I hear is that atheists are closed-minded. That is not true at all! I have spent hours and hours trying read the Bible in an effort to understand the Christian point of view. Most Christians would not listen to Sam Harris for an hour to try to understand my point of view. They are the ones with a closed mind.

actually, all agnostics are atheists.  


If you don't make the positive claim 'Yes, some God exists', then you are an atheist.  


Because agnostics don't answer the question with a 'Yes' ... that makes them an atheist. 


Because atheism does not mean we are 100% certain no gods exist, or that we can prove no gods exist.


Use that on them next time.  It will annoy the crap out of them because they won't want to admit they are atheists ... because of the negative connotation the word has.  


That's why atheism isn't something we label ourselves ... it is something that is simply a word to describe non belief in deities.  And nothing else comes of it.  


ATHEISM IS NOT A BELIEF SYSTEM.  (That to me is the most annoying of the myths.) 



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