Hi gals and guys!

I am in need of your help.

I am building a nice shiny splash page for the site, and I have section on there called, "Misconceptions about Atheism" I was thinking I could just use Sam Harris' post about 10 myths and 10 truths about atheism But I really want your input. So use Sam Harris' post as a template/guide on what I am looking for. Simple to the point and easy to understand.

Thanks! :]

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One of my favorites has always been "They secretly believe in god. They're just rebelling."

I love that one.. Or the one that I love the most, If there is not a god how do you explain Miracles? What do you mean Miracles? Well your kids how do you explain those?? Well if you don't know what causes that by now, I am sure not going to help you along in making one!

Or we are in GODS country how do you explain the beauty here? HMMM there are lots more beautiful places than there are here? Ever heard of planting a seed and watering it, giving it sunlight, and watching it grow? Really you don't know how it happens?? I love people.. they amuse me..

I just believe in me...

I didn't read all 73 posts but I'm sure the most prevalent one is that we have no ability to figure out the difference between right and wrong without god.    Brb, raping and pillaging tonight in the town square.

Yep, I get this.  Seems like it comes down to thinking belief and faith are the same thing.  To me, belief is conviction or confidence placed in something, regardless of why or how you come about it.  I believe the sun will rise tomorrow, I believe there are gnomes in my underpants drawer, I believe a teapot in orbit is having sexual relations with an invisible pink unicorn (in my attic, no less!).  Those are all beliefs, but they're not all equal.

I believe (not 'have faith in;) evolution because science and logic show it to be an extremely likely thing - plus the fact that we've seen it happen.  That belief is not the same as "I believe god created everything as-is 6000 years ago, 'cuz that the way I was brought up and god said it and I believe it and that's that."

i absolutely love (HATE) how theists of every sort are SOOO PERPLEXED by Atheists, and they always seek us out, trying to argue, and trying to rationalize their stupidity with us. They all (especially Christians) think that we are lost souls, in desperate need of their proselytizing and indoctrination of their cult of personality. 

Last night the topic of religion came up at work in response to a mormon coworker participating in secret santa, there were obvious misconceptions about momons but the atheist one took the cake!  One of the girls there was talking about mormons and jehovah's witnesses, I told her that I was atheist and I still celebrate.  Her response was "ooh, doesn't that mean you worship Satan or something!"..  haha, where do you go from there.

I don't know how many times I have got that one it drives me crazy? How do you worship something you don't believe in??

After I explained to her what atheism was and that I simply do not believe in god or the devil her response was "Well I believe that Satan wants us to not believe in him, that's his plan."  Wow, I can't believe the stuff people come up with!

You ever notice how with some of them it is the race to find the scariest story??


Satan, a few minutes before damnation:

I know I already commented on this thread but they keep coming up!  I was at the hospital with my three year old (she's alright, just got that unrelenting tummy bug) and the woman registering me asked if I had a relgious preference.  I told her I was atheist and she said "that's not on my list"?   I said "just put none".  It's not so much as a misconception as it is ignorance on her part I think, but it was funny.  


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