Hi gals and guys!

I am in need of your help.

I am building a nice shiny splash page for the site, and I have section on there called, "Misconceptions about Atheism" I was thinking I could just use Sam Harris' post about 10 myths and 10 truths about atheism But I really want your input. So use Sam Harris' post as a template/guide on what I am looking for. Simple to the point and easy to understand.

Thanks! :]

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we can't raise our children with morals
hi jean marie,i watched the video sydni moser posted "new trends in arabic anti semitism"watch that and be prepared to be shocked about what the muslims teach their kids about the jews,especially the lies about abtucting kids in france and london,it will shock you as it shocked me.

i prefer toddlers.

More meat, but still tender.

Atheists' lives are meaningless.
Atheists are immoral.
Atheists are communists.
Atheists worship the devil.
Atheism is a religion.

The list goes on and on.

Those are good ones.  My dad recently mistook me for a Wiccan.  He was supportive, which was nice, but erroneous all the same.

Ok... I should've typed All atheists are communists.


And I guess there are atheists with meaningless lives, or that are immoral, or who worship the devil (???). The generalization is the misconception.

Does a misconception has to make sense or to go by the definition?

Good list.
There are probably very few atheists who reject evolution, or who have no opinion about it. But it isn't necessary to accept or even know about evolution to be an atheist.
While we as a group generally tend to be scientifically minded, we are also come in all stripes. Many do take a healthy interest in biology, other may simple have their interests lie in other areas. While the scientifically minded may be the majority, we should certainly not look at things as absolutes, but instead accept the panorama of thought.


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