No, this isn't an immigration post and it's certainly not a racism post. Rather it's a reference to the situation in Texas where prosecutors seemingly are being targeted both as reprisals for prosecutions and as a terror tactic to accomplish several things: 1) to eliminate tough prosecutors, 2) to discourage anyone from becoming a prosecutor, and 3) to establish that the bad guys are in ultimate control

We've seen this happen in Mexico, where a combination of targeted murders and threats to law officer and prosecutor families have become pretty effective in terms of corrupting officials and establishing the authority of drug gangs over various jurisdictions.

I wonder if that's what's happening here and I wonder if anything can effectively put a stop to it.

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I'm normally not too knowledgable on political topics but this is one I actually have a very good grip on. Here's my take: This kind of hoky poky has been going on longer than any of us would like to admit. It only appears in the media when it is politically convenient and right now it is due to what Obama's trying to get done with immigration reform in April. Texas is not the only place these heinous crimes take place. It happens DAILY. Officers of all agencies, whether it be boarder patrol, state or county deputies, city cops, corrections officers, USCIS, you name it are in the midst of a war along the boarder. Many of them even play both sides. It's a joke to me when these reports pop up in the news because where I come from it's a daily occurrence that someone is getting killed from this drug war. It realy is all about drugs. I hope this discussion really takes off because it's an interesting topic. And how do we stop it? It's impossible to stop my friend. No way no how. All we can hope for is damage control.

This kind of hoky poky has been going on longer than any of us would like to admit. It only appears in the media when it is politically convenient and right now it is due to what Obama's trying to get done with immigration reform in April.

So, the order came down from The White House to the news media that "this week we're going to have you cover these murders in order to facilitate immigration reform? I don't think so. Setting aside for a moment the fact that we have an independent free press in the US, there is nothing about these latest murders that play into an immigration reform theme in any way. Most likely, the killing of the Colorado prison chief was either a revenge killing by the perp himself or by a white supremacist prison gang. The recent Texas killings are unsolved. So, when will the press get to the punch line that brings it in line with the immigration theme?

Also, let's imagine a Mexican drug angle were to emerge. Just how would that help the effort to reform immigration? I can't think of how. Can you? Most likely the Republicans would push away from the table and reform would be solved again.

(P.S. — I think you meant "hanky panky"; "hokey pokey" is a dance.)

The D.A.s who have been murdered in Texas have so far shown no connection to the drug trade.

The Republicans want to show that President Obama is incompetent at "securing our boarders." I think you missed my point Unseen. And yes I did mean hoky poky. It's the same song and dance that has been going on for years. Corrections officers are targeted and threatened daily as a means for control. Police officers as well are constantly having to watch out for their families due to the threats made upon them. Does it surprise you that these reports are in southwestern states when Immigration reform is just around the corner? Hmmmm. I will BET you these reports be used in some way by Republicans to try to prove how ineffective the control of the drug cartels are. You watch.

But you implied some sort of connection between Obama or his administration and their agenda and what appears on the news. To my knowledge the news media just report news. They may select out what interests their audience. After all, they have to sell ads to make money, and what they charge depends upon how many viewers they have. Thus you get different kinds of news from Fox and MSNBC.

No no Unseen, not the Obama Administration, the news reporters in Texas. Do you realize not only how conservative Texas is but what a stake they play in the perception of boarder security? The news reporters do have a choice. Of all the crimes in this country committed in ALL states on a daily basis why is this significant? Can we say political agenda?

You're creating a sidebar about Texas. My post wasn't about the Mexico-izing of Texas but of the whole country. 

Then I'm afraid you have me confused - could you possibly explain what you might have meant by this, other than the obvious: "Rather it's a reference to the situation in Texas"?

That was the springboard TO a discussion of suppose what's happening there were to spread across the U.S. If I had wanted to limit it to Texas I would have titled the post "The Mexico-izing of Texas."

We created the Mafia with Prohibition, we created the drug cartels with the War on Drugs, will we ever learn?

Decriminalize all drug use is the first step in the right direction, it is a long road.

Yes this sort of thing is worrying, and it is analogous to those neighborhoods in europe where (allegedly) the police won't go, and they are effectively sharia-controlled areas.

As for solving it, there's a three word solution to this specific instance of the problem that alas won't be implemented any time soon:

Legalize the drugs.

Let's not get too focused on the drugs. After all, the Texas murders are unsolved and the murder a few weeks ago of the Colorado prison chief was almost certainly either a personal vendetta or an assassination ordered by a white supremacist prison gang. 

I regret somewhat concentrating so much on the tactics of the gangs in Mexico, where the point I wanted you to take away was not "It's all about drugs" but tha "It looks like the bad guys may be learning from the tactics the Mexican drug gangs use of terrorizing officials in order to either corrupt them or eliminate them if they can't be corrupted. Those tactics involve horrific methods of death and threats going past the official they want to corrupt by threatening their family and friends. 


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