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The only common thread atheism has is that of disbelief. How then can you measure something that doesn't exist? Is disbelief in itself a force opposite belief, or is a a void? Is it perhaps not a void at all, but instead a natural space that religion has artificially filled?

Our perception of disbelief could be a starting point.
What is yours?
How do you present them?

These are my answers:
1) I believe in science over tradition and truth over dogma. I have examined the text of various religions and find that they do not stand up to any scrutiny, let alone close examination. I believe in evolution, medicine as a progressive science, and mathematics.
I believe fossils are history. I believe all religious books were written by humans and contain flaws.
I don't know what is beyond this life and I don't care. My consciousness is here and now.
If ever presented with sturdy evidence, I would gladly reconsider all of the above.

2) My presentation of non-religion is met in strength by religion itself. When my rights are threatened, I respond. When I'm made uncomfortable by 'teachings' I challenge them. When a little old lady says 'god bless you' after I sneeze, I say thank you. Like any man made tool, spirituality can be used for good or evil. To those that say religion changed their life for the better, I'm happy for them and wouldn't think to take them from their path. To those that say it with empty words, I'd gladly show them how I became happy. To those that wish to escape it all together, I'll meet you with open arms and a warm, fluffy towel of acceptance when you throw off the chains of intellectual bondage.
The only sin of religion is that of oppression, be it for the individual, the scientific community or even within itself. The byproduct of that sin is suffering and violence.
Hate the sin. Love the sinner.

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