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I have been thinking lately about the issue of "civil unions", gay marriage and the institution of marriage generally. I really think that its time to completely re-evaluate the idea of family. When I thought about what it would be like without religion I realized that there really isn't any reason for marriage, is there? Why should we have an "institution of marriage" at all? What about communal rearing of children? Could that be made to work?


And then there are the social factors. Honestly, it really doesn't serve man or woman to marry anymore, does it? What good does it do anyone? I get the sense that, along with the repression of women bound up in religion, the historical forces behind marriage had more to do with the social repression of women than anything else. Once you take away that, what's left? So, without repression of women, why do we need marriage?


Maybe certain rights for kinship should be retained and rules for how children are reared would have to be figured out, but I was just wondering what others thought about eliminating the idea of marriage completely and if religion and historical baggage is making it appear to be a necessity when it really isn't.




- kk

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Yep, I know what you mean. I think there are in fact ways to constrain this but they require clever solutions. I don't think you should coerce parents into a communal rearing situation, but you could entice them, imo.


- kk

Hey Kasu,


Are children still going to be the property of other people (such as parents), or do you propose some other system?  I'm especially interested in the cases of abandonment and adoption.


That's very interesting. I hope the children will be no one's property. On your last point, I think it follows directly, yes.


- kk


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