Fighters from the terror group ISIL, which is so atrocious it was kicked out of the Al-Qaida network due to its brutality, just captured Tikrit after recently capturing Mosul. Iraq seems poised to be split into three parts, a Kurdish state in the north, an Iranian puppet in the east, and a salafist terror state in the west - in fact, you could very well argue that is already the case.

In 2007 there were less than 30 terror groups like Al-Qaida, now that number has risen to around 50. In 2007 there were 18-42.000 terror incidents, last year it was 44-105.000. Deaths from terror attacks has risen from around 7.500 in 2007 to almost 18.000 in 2013, and this doesn't even count the Syrians which has been killed by the terrorist actors, ISIL among them, in the civil war there.

Safe to say, the mission hasn't been accomplished and the war on terror has been going badly lately, if not outright lost.

So, any good ideas..?

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Philip, I agree. America's predatory capitalists have tentacles to wherever there's oil and minerals.

The shortest way I know to say it is that the 1787 Constitution made Alexander Hamilton's "rich and well born" the nation's ruling class. Though briefly interrupted by a civil war, their interests have guided domestic and foreign policy ever since.

Why not Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean? Our military spent decades there protecting ruling class interests. Is this hemisphere too small?

I see history as a long, slow, continuing movement toward political democracy. A movement toward economic democracy (employee ownership) has begun but will the earth be habitable long enough for it to spread?

Erock, after you add a post and next see it, the tiny X in the upper right corner lets you delete it. At this time the email announcing your post has already been sent.

Ah, thanks.

I think te question is, "why was it deleted and by whom". In order to avoid accusations of thread hijacking, I started a separate discussion about this growing problem but it was, for some reason, disallowed.

Mike, in my posts, and only in my posts, do I see a tiny X in the upper right corner.

I occasionally use it to edit a post after the 15-minute edit period has run out.

No one else has ever deleted a post I wrote.


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