Fighters from the terror group ISIL, which is so atrocious it was kicked out of the Al-Qaida network due to its brutality, just captured Tikrit after recently capturing Mosul. Iraq seems poised to be split into three parts, a Kurdish state in the north, an Iranian puppet in the east, and a salafist terror state in the west - in fact, you could very well argue that is already the case.

In 2007 there were less than 30 terror groups like Al-Qaida, now that number has risen to around 50. In 2007 there were 18-42.000 terror incidents, last year it was 44-105.000. Deaths from terror attacks has risen from around 7.500 in 2007 to almost 18.000 in 2013, and this doesn't even count the Syrians which has been killed by the terrorist actors, ISIL among them, in the civil war there.

Safe to say, the mission hasn't been accomplished and the war on terror has been going badly lately, if not outright lost.

So, any good ideas..?

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So, any good ideas..?

Yeah, get off the oil and let the theocrats slip back into oblivion where they used to be and still belong. Its our fault, pumping oil out.... and money/arms in. Yeah, lets arm and train the good guys. How stupid.

Good, not outlandish.

Yeah, it's "outlandish", to shift focus to non-carbon based clean energy solutions and in the process eliminate economic dependencies on unstable radical theocracies.

I guess being smart is outlandish to you.

It's not outlandish to do it, it's outlandish to believe it will happen, and thus propose it as an idea. It's similar to suggest solving the problem of murder by everybody just getting along.

Humanity just isn't collectively smart enough to take the best decisions. We have to settle for those which have a chance of succeeding.  

I agree. It's like those assholes whose slogan is "Suppose someone gave a war and nobody came," as though wars are just stupid and are never based on urgent reasons (one country dominating another, scarce resources, and other grievances). Why try to understand the realities when you have a catchy slogan?

Yeah, assholes like Gandhi, John Lennon, Sadat, and Mandela.

Why try to understand the realities....

As if the Bush and the congress ever understood the realities of Iraq. What a joke these wars have become.

Yeah, assholes like Gandhi, John Lennon, Sadat, and Mandela.

Of those, only Lennon was an asshole in the sense I intended.

Ghandi EXPECTED the British to come to his war. In fact, his program depended on it. Mandela would have filled his underwear laughing hard at a slogan like "Suppose someone gave a war and no one came." Like that was ever going to happen.

Lennon was a wide-eyed, pie-in-the-sky naive pacifist.

Awwwhhh  Give peace a chance. You do realize that on the human level people pretty much get along..I mean if you had a party and invited Americans, Iraqis, and even Israelites we would have a few drinks, good music and lots of laughs. What we are talking about here are nations and political groups. They are practically arbitrary and they come and go with elections and coups. These politicians and thugs are not worth dying for. Like religion they can get people to hate each other.

 Nobody is so naïve to believe war will be eliminated completely in the near future. But all of this terrorism is a direct result of the first Iraq war. We went in blind with little understanding and made a lot of mistakes..and well here we are talking about terrorists with no end in sight.

There had to be much better ways to get Saddam out of Kuwait. I'm sorry, but a 0.22 with a silencer would have sufficed. That sends a real message to thugs even It's all on the lowdown.

I'm sorry, but a 0.22 with a silencer would have sufficed.

Mounted on a drone, even. May have saved over 100k Iraqi lives. But I'm still not so sure. Maybe Saddam's brutality was the only way to hold the country together and keep out terrorists?

 Mandela would have filled his underwear....

U, your reach for slogans exceeds your grasp.

Wasn't intended as a slogan.

it's outlandish to believe it will happen

It has to and will happen. Why wait?  France doesn't give a dam about all this nonsense. They went nuclear, we can do better.


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