Let's delve into the realm of apocalyptic hypotheticals!

An asteroid (or meteor, whichever suits your sense of imagined doom) has been discovered on a direct collision course with Earth, ensuring cataclysmic destruction upon its arrival.  Unfortunately, this deadly projectile has slipped through the solar system unnoticed by astronomers until it is only twenty-four hours from impact.

For the sake of the hypothetical predicament, we'll assume that news of the asteroid's imminent arrival is not withheld from the public.  Suddenly and unexpectedly, you learn that this is the last day of your life.

What would you do?

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I'd round up all of my friends and try to figure out all of the stuff that we never did before. Sadly it would take longer then a day.

I know, it seems like it would take me an entire day just to figure out exactly how I would want to spend those twenty-four hours! It's almost like you would have to pick the first thing that came into your head so as not to waste any time. Plus, if everyone is in full panic mood, it would really cut the available options. :(
This is a hard question. I think I would try to hedge my odds of making it through by heading north after finding a cave system or decomisioned bunker. Not even the astroid that hit and killed the dinos killed all life and some people will probably servive. kids, friends, water,food, and an atlas.Then off I go.There are two plant seed storage sites. one in Antarctica and one in Arizona I think. I'd keep those in mind for late if I make it. Lets just say I dont think I would fall out and wait. Move and move with a perpose.
Pssh, nobody is suppose to be optimistic when its the end of, i guess, most of the world...
Yes, a fighter! I love it! I was hoping that at least one person would dig their heels in. :)
And Bill Gates one in Finland... the man knows where the money's at!
I thought about getting stoned but I'm afraid that I would just be consumed with paranoia. Maybe a couple bottles of wine would take the edge off.

By the way, I love that you are going to moon the asteroid!
with only twenty-four hours left to live, consequences are pretty much irrelevant

And this is why I plead the 5th on this question. Oh, the things I'd do (which would land me in jail, probably even on the last day of the world, lol).

Note to self: stay out Galen's way in the event of an imminent planetary cataclysm. ;)
I can think of something for the Bush family... }-)
Connecting with my parents would be important for me, too.
"In america, some people won't listen to country songs, they associate it with ignorance i think, and do not expose themselves to listening to it, never develope a taste for it....."

Such an odd comment for the always home of country music, although I find your use of America strange... do you mean the United States of America or North America???

From Wikipedia:
"Contemporary musician Garth Brooks, with 128 million albums sold, is the top-domestic-selling solo U.S. artist in U.S. history"

Actually you may want to read that entire page, interesting stuff.

I don't like all music styles, and country music is right the at the bottom of the list! Always has... but I do like one or two songs by Shania Twain... "so you're a rocket scientist... that don't impress me much!" now that's a good line I've since delivered in a couple of social occasions!
Hey, tuna fish is pretty delicious with pickles! Fortunately, I think that they have enough salt in them to survive the apocalypse, as well. :)


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