Let's delve into the realm of apocalyptic hypotheticals!

An asteroid (or meteor, whichever suits your sense of imagined doom) has been discovered on a direct collision course with Earth, ensuring cataclysmic destruction upon its arrival.  Unfortunately, this deadly projectile has slipped through the solar system unnoticed by astronomers until it is only twenty-four hours from impact.

For the sake of the hypothetical predicament, we'll assume that news of the asteroid's imminent arrival is not withheld from the public.  Suddenly and unexpectedly, you learn that this is the last day of your life.

What would you do?

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If this hypothetical might hypothetically happen sometime in the future, I need to start planning ahead years in advance for what I really would like to do those last 24 hours.
I know! I think one of the hardest things would be deciding on something that could be quickly achieved. If I was staring at a twenty-four hour countdown, I would not want to spend too much time procuring whatever it is that I wanted to do.
A mind-boggling marathon of every single episode of every single cartoon I've ever loved, starting with joyous through My Little Pony and ending with bittersweet through The Fox and the Hound.

Of course I'll be needing more than twenty four hours. Hrmph.
Oooo I like it! This plan would involve massive bowls of sugary cereal, right?
Nothing but Trix and Lucky Charms. Ack. To die in a sugary coma before the asteroid burns the planet.
Hey, as long as it turns the milk purple, I won't complain!
With my luck, I'll be watching The Fox and the Hound to end my marathon, and the whole world evaporates just seconds before Vixey and Tod cuddle and the final "The End"(trust me, the "The End" is the cherry on top that sooo totally makes the movie).
I actually haven't seen that movie in so long that I can't even remember the full plotline. I do remember being extremely sad; am I thinking of the right movie?
It has one really sad part. Sadder than Bambi(although I think Dumbo still beats it). But it's most notable for being the only Disney movie to end bittersweetly(Pocahontas doesn't count because that ending was just unhappy and the movie sucked anyway LOL) and the last movie to have the credits in front and a "The End" back.
I remember when i was a wee lad of waking up early on a saturday or sunday morn with my father and watching all the different kind of loony toons: Bugs Bunny, that martian thing, daffy duck, etc. etc!
well, If everyone weren't looting and starting wars in my town and being panicky,

I'd round up all of my friends and try to figure out all of the stuff that we never did before. Sadly it would take longer then a day.


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