Let's delve into the realm of apocalyptic hypotheticals!

An asteroid (or meteor, whichever suits your sense of imagined doom) has been discovered on a direct collision course with Earth, ensuring cataclysmic destruction upon its arrival.  Unfortunately, this deadly projectile has slipped through the solar system unnoticed by astronomers until it is only twenty-four hours from impact.

For the sake of the hypothetical predicament, we'll assume that news of the asteroid's imminent arrival is not withheld from the public.  Suddenly and unexpectedly, you learn that this is the last day of your life.

What would you do?

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In the few moments before impact, I would close my eyes and think of my favorite memory.
My mother, Lurline (she died in 1976 of Hodgkins when I was 17) used to love to bake cakes when I was maybe 6 or 7 yrs old. I would stand patiently by her side, looking up at her while she frosted the cakes.
She would look down at me and smile, handing me the not-quite empty bowl of icing and plant a sloppy kiss on my cheek and say," Sweets for my sweet!
I guess before that I'd call my old girlfriend and tell her I'm sorry for not trying to salvage our relationship and the times I made things difficult for her...wait a minute....I can do that right now!
I'll call her brother and get her number.
Thanks! :)
Aw, Gary that is the sweetest memory!
I'd be pretty pissed off. Then I'd spend the day with my family, playing and having fun, get the kids off to sleep and finally lay down and do some nookie with my wife.
Of course some dick head would mess all this up and we'd end up trying to make everybody else feel better while feeling extremely frustrated but at least it would be for the last time.
Sounds like Thanksgiving. Trying to have a good time and one dickhead ruins the whole holiday.
Sounds like Thanksgiving. Trying to have a good time and one dickhead ruins the whole holiday.

Lol! I would have to avoid extended family functions on the final day.
I would be part of the crew that rockets off into space to drill a hole, drop a bomb, save the planet, and cry when Bruce Willis dies.
I'd put this song on in front of a church, mosque and temple:


Dance to it with my woman.

Slap her butt and scream at the priests: "SCREW YOU! YOUR GOD FAILED AND SCIENCE WON!"
one of the best songs ever!
I imagine that if the apocolypse were imminent, she would have a line of people outside her door.
I would like to sit in an orchard with a bottle of chocolate raspberry wine and fresh fruit with my daughter and close family/friends, and let her run around picking apples and raspberries while I had good conversation with everyone about all the good times we had in our lives together.
Ava, I love this apocalyptic picnic. :)
Like Reggie I will have to say : Alcohol and sex.


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