Let's delve into the realm of apocalyptic hypotheticals!

An asteroid (or meteor, whichever suits your sense of imagined doom) has been discovered on a direct collision course with Earth, ensuring cataclysmic destruction upon its arrival.  Unfortunately, this deadly projectile has slipped through the solar system unnoticed by astronomers until it is only twenty-four hours from impact.

For the sake of the hypothetical predicament, we'll assume that news of the asteroid's imminent arrival is not withheld from the public.  Suddenly and unexpectedly, you learn that this is the last day of your life.

What would you do?

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Ah, I misread. I thought I was one of the few who knew the world was ending. If it's public knowledge? Well, I guess I'd have to alter my plans a bit

It crossed my mind while I was writing this that the scenario would be quite different if it was public versus private knowledge. I considered setting it up as "you are the astronomer who discovers the asteroid," but I was afraid that imposing too much of a persona upon the hypothetical would influence people's answers.

Either way, I think that I would try to find a good field and a great bottle of wine, as well.
I'll go hang out with you on your last day :)

I think I'd go to bed early tho... in fact, I might just want to spend the entire day in bed having fun!
That was funny Kris.

I'd like to go horseback riding. I've always been too afraid to do that. But if it was my last day on earth - it would be well worth the risk. Even if I did get hurt - I would know I would soon be out of my misery lol.
Even if I did get hurt - I would know I would soon be out of my misery lol.

One of the main things that I was wondering was how many people would take risks! I've always wanted to try bungee jumping but think that the risk of potentially negative consequences far outweighs the possible reward. However, with only twenty-four hours left to live, consequences are pretty much irrelevant.

So maybe I'll go bungee jumping on my way to find a field with a case of wine. ;)
Do you cross streets or drive a car, percentage-wise, the risks of dying doing that are vastly greater than dying or being hur bungee jumping... just saying :)
True, the relative percentage of injury due to crossing a street or driving a car may be higher, but these are unavoidable risks which I must incorporate into my daily life. Bungee jumping, on the other hand, is an unnecessary risk. If I were to exchange the two activities, bungee jumping would lower my overall risk of dying. However, if I just add bungee jumping to my normal routine, then I am only unnecessarily increasing my overall risk.

I suppose that the argument could be staked that my daily risks of driving and street-crossing are themselves unnecessary. I guess that the cost-benefits analysis is the deciding factor for me: if I avoid the risk of driving (or riding the bus--still at risk on the road) by staying home I miss out on the activities of my daily life, whereas if I avoid bungee jumping I only miss out on a minor thrill.

But I guess that is ultimately subjective to the value of that minor thrill. To someone who considers it to be a major thrill and huge loss to miss, I guess the balance of the cost-benefits analysis would shift the other way.
I'd setup a vidconf with both my sons and their mother.
To reminisce.

One of the hardest things for me would be that my parents are too far away to be reached within twenty-four hours. A videoconference would definitely be good, but it still couldn't replace one last hug.
Hard to say. Call all of my loved ones and make sure they know I love them, then go to a swingers' club with my wife. That's what comes to mind anyway. Given some more time to think, I might come up with something else.
I think that I would actually be driven to avoid other people and social settings--well, if a swingers' club could be labeled as a "social setting." ;) But I think it's fascinating how people would probably have polar reactions; some would retreat into solitude while others would seek out human contact.
Would there be an evening of old scores real or imagined?

I also wondered about that. And, I must confess, I wondered if I myself would be struck by the urge to get to one final battle in with old foes. I would hope that I would be able to let past negativity lie dormant, but it's hard to imagine what the full psychological impact would be of guaranteed death. Maybe old wounds would reopen and demand attention; or maybe my mind would only focus upon these past emotional injuries as a buffer against the painful awareness of my own imminent death.
make sure they know I love them

This is such a common response to people being told they're going to die, and I've always wondered, what difference would it make, we'll all die anyway? and I don't think there's life after death or reincarnation... so what's the point?
The Grand Canyon would definitely be a fantastic place to watch the end of the world!


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