Hey everyone,

Didja miss me?

So, I've been in ongoing discussion with some local 'Witnesses. 

Any former members care to share insight?

The attached file is my most recent bit o'lit. 

Basically, they gave me a ton of stuff that had the most recent medical reference at 1990. I called em out on it by showing them capabilities and differences in phones and laptops of 1990. Then I showed them pictures of phones vs. then and now. Laptops vs. them and now. The INTERNET vs. then and now, Technology..ect. I was patient explaining how our leaps in technology advance medicine. They admitted that the last time they were in a science classroom or really interested in current events of academia, it was when they were teens. 

I was honestly reluctant to take em on. That's a whole gap in education to make up for. 

They seem like nice people. 

So..Here it is: This is their most recent publication. It's the official church word, and supposed to answer all my questions. 

I have a lot. 

Like.. am I on a list or in files of any sort? 

My deadline is this Tuesday. That's when they will be back. Even if the entire file isn't properly debated by Tuesday, I'd like to see everyone's opinion on the first few points, if at all possible.

I won't lie. Any further advice is appreciated. 

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I swear he is Centauri.


When witnesses show at my door I just tell them I didn't see the accident and shut the door.

If it were me I would quiz them about life on their restored earth. Just ask them what they believe about living there and who gets to go. When they give you their answer ask them a question relevant to their answer. Really make them think about living forever.

Here is a good article.

Thanks for the read, Reg. 

I'm going to go through their little book thing again and draw out all the points of contention. 

The main guy substituted his nice but dumb wife for a girl that's apparently educated. Somewhat. She seems passionate about science, which is weird for me, but ok. At least I have someone that understands 'big words.' 

I'll keep you all updated. 

Try to keep them focused on debating the nature of their belief. Don't start teaching them Science. Ask what evidence they have apart from the Bible. Prepare for the "Complexity" debate (designed = their god). Enjoy !!

And if they go the 'if you saw a watch among a lot of rocks, you can tell the design in the watch by looking at it' route, ask them how they can tell the difference between a rock and a watch since, according to their claims, both were designed. (The whole universe is designed, right?)

Bwahahaha! Good to see you, Dave! You've been missed! 

That's a fantastic point. I think I'm going to have to ask that. 

It's great to be back, Misty. :) It's good to see you, too!

So... little update.

They stood me up, yesterday. 

I read their little book. 

I filled out all the answers on the questions page.



Maybe they were raptured --

Sun tea? Do you have enough sun in Portland for that?


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