The Jesus Puzzle by Earl Doherty? AKA Did Jesus ever really exist?

I am in the process of reading this book and it has a very factual approach to the subject.  He has done his homework and I find his reasoning to be solid.  Growing up catholic and even when I faced the fact that I was a non believer, I never thought to question if Jesus was actually a real person.  Of course he was, after all what about all the stories?  I never bought the virgin birth, but I certainly thought he was a real man, an evangelist who traveled that part of the world and the stories about him were blown out of proportion by the time they were written down.


But after reading this book (not quite finished yet) I have serious doubts about his existence at all.


Here is a link to the website about the book and a little peek into the though process:


I was wondering if others had read this and/or what your thoughts were on the actual existence of Jesus?

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the evidence for his actual existance is very thin at best! forged entries in historian texts make vague reference to 'jesus' but they are known to be forged years after they were originally written by a man who lived and walked in the time and the place where 'jesus' was to have lived and caused such a stir.


many christians are beginning to see this and are willing to accept an allogorical jesus rather than a literal one... just like the rest of the bible, the 'truth' gets adjusted as 'facts' prove 'truth' inaccurate.


as far as i am concerned, the jesus in the bible is either a complete myth, a compilation of the various jesus' in the region at the time, or a compilation of many of the pagan religions of the area such as Mythra that were all over the region as well. which ever you pick, the 'biblical' jesus is at best a myth, and at worst, the greatest hoax ever sold to humanity....

Purple monkey dishwasher. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on stories written 100 years after the fact. 

If I recollect accurately, we debated this issue in my theology courses.  Gotta love a modern Jesuit education!  I don't know enough about the history in that region around that time (aside from the "official" story) to have a solid opinion but I am skeptical.  I don't think the Church is beyond forgery and destroying any conflicting evidence.

Mark 3:21 says ‘When his family heard about this, they said, He is out of his mind". < A paranoid schizophrenic..That's what I would think about Jesus IF the gospels were historical records.

But as most of the things mentioned in the bible his story seems to be a mix of some popular pagan gods of the time. If he existed he was batshit insane, if he didn't, he was a product of the (lack of) imagination batshit crazy bronze age individuals.

The phrase "design by committee" comes to mind.

I think that Jesus is like King Aurthur. There was a person that actually existed who inspired the myth we all know today.

I was shocked a few years back too when I discovered some similar stuff at


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