“As for this rule change that some people are calling the nookylar option-- ah, yeh-- under Senate rules, you know, I guarantee, this week, uh, Thanksgiving Dinner, people sitting around their tables, we're not going to be talking about the president blessing this thwarting of a balance of power in, in eh-- Congress with new Senate rules called the nookylar option. People are going to be talking about our failed big government policies that will bankrupt this country so this distraction, this new talking point in the media and, uh, with Congress, with Senators and with the president blessing this action, it’s a distraction and it’s a lot of, you know, double standard and, and, um, Democrat hypocrisy because just a few years ago they were so anti, anti nookylar option, they were against any thought of Republicans ever considering changing these rules, and yet now, you know, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread so, American people, they don’t care about distractions like that, they’re not in that inside baseball Senate rules stuff, they want government to be back on our side, they want it to get out of our lives, and ah, in order to do that we need those who will not fundamentally transform America but will fundamentally restore what’s right about America. We do that by having good judicial nominees and nominees in these regulatory agencies and elsewhere. So this new rule change, it stinks!"

Fox "News" host Chris Wallace emits a laugh before proceeding with the broadcast.


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Whenever there is a Sarah Palin video I am actually thankful to be deaf !

How many of you know the wonderful, delightful British animation characters Wallace & Grommit ? Do you not think that Sarah PAhalin could be a character in those shows without any modification at all, her gibberish, so clearly devoid of any real depth or intelligence, wold make her the perfect foyle in that show !

Cheeeeeeese, Gromit!

I'm not sure I'd enjoy her in a likeable (e.g. delightful) show, because I think of her character as evil, like many of those seen here on Saturday morning cartoons that serve as babysitters for busy (and/or clueless) parents. It's just scary as hell to me, thinking she could have been in charge of the red nuclear ("rapture") button.

Palin reminds me so much of a local minister I have known for years. Everything is 'god this' and 'god that', everyone is a 'winner', and everyone is christian till you have a screaming match.

The GOP needs Palin I think, because everything seems 'up' for them after she opens her mouth. Sadly I keep wanting to cut her string... 

I recall back when she was running for vice-president, there was an article on Snopes. It seems someone had been passing around a transcript of the Tina Fay SNL spoof interview as if it were an actual interview with the real Sarah Palin.

So I read the spoof transcript mocking her, and then I read the transcript of the real interview included in that article. I kid you not, you simply can't tell the difference.

I'm getting a different buzz. This (she) is an EXACT FIT for her target audience. She has memorized the key words - and it doesn't really matter if they're pronounced correctly or in the right order or make sense or even make sentences.

Happily Romney lost without (much of) her help. Nevertheless we should be encouraging her to run in 2016.

Leave poor Sarah alone!!

"Palin for Presedant"!!!



Sadly I would vote for my old WR121 prof. before I would for Palin, and that is saying a lot! ;p)

Quite funny, but I don't think it's right to attribute the words to Palin.

No big thing - really but:

"I actually sourced the words to the Daily Currant"

No, you sourced the words to:

"- Sarah Palin, Oct 23, 2013, (source)"

Now this comes from a highly reputable source - a guy calling himself Gallup's Mirror. No need to click on the link to check HIS sources, right?


It does seem a little too coherent, but nutty, enough. This does beg the question,'was there a holiday called 'easter' then? I expect that the Romans did have holidays...

Jesus was crucified at the time of the Jewish Passover (according to the gospels) so that they could use the metaphor of Jesus as the sacrificial passover lamb for everybody. I don't know what exactly the Romans were celebrating at that time, but the fertility goddess and Easter bunnies had to come from somewhere, right?

The quote is from The Daily Current, which appears to be Britain's edition of The Onion. The other headlines on that page make me chuckle, especially "Pope Benedict comes out as gay." I do wish it was written a little differently, though; it's not an obvious enough parody. 


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