Let me begin this thread by stating that I read through the topic of transhumanism started by our esteemed TA member Nate Lundgren last year and felt like it did not address the issue of consciousness transfer. There was a lengthy debate on the definition/semantics of transhumanism and whether it is rightfully characterized as dogma. Hopefully this thread will focus more on the implications of transferring human consciousness into an alien body.


If the technology was available and you were near the end of your physical life would you consider transferring your consciousness into a droid/robot? If our consciousness is our primary essence would this process not ensure our existence 'in perpetuity'?  Also, if you could specify, would you request having the dark unfortunate memories of your current human existence not transferred?  

As technological advancements gain increasing momentum we are toying with the ability to transfer our very cognitive thoughts at some point. Would our taking over the controls of human evolutionary development in the "posthuman age" lead to an improvement as a sentient being or it would it all unravel and be our ultimate demise?

There are certainly many considerations. A large one being would we retain our present compliment of emotional states after the transfer? Would our mental state develop in the direction of being a purely logic-oriented being devoid of compassion and empathy? That would be a wrong turn in my estimation. 

I see where it could become a very slippery slope indeed. On the other hand having the ability to glide endlessly into the future with my consciousness jumping from agent to agent is alluring.

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Yeah, but your brain didn't physically disappear.

It'd be sort of like the Stepford wives - except nobody would ever know.  If you were killed but a perfect replica of you appeared elsewhere, nobody would know.  You wouldn't, because you'd be dead, your replica wouldn't because he'd have your memories and think he was you, and everyone else would just think it was the same you. 

Cue the *Twighlight Zone* theme tune....

Finally, someone who gets what I am saying.

I believe two, such as identical biological twins; who often think and act the same. These are considerations that I consider unethical since safeguards would have to be set in place to prevent duplicates from running around the globe at the same time.  


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