The Implications of not being able to believe the President

If the President just announced something drastic...maybe that terrorists captured a nuclear device, would you believe him? I might not. This is new territory we are entering here !

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I'm looking forward to the next 4 years.  The Fake News is going to have their hands full keeping up the small handed little orange fella. :)

If his lips are moving, he is lying. I don't believe a word he says.

Canada is the NEW EDEN.

This is new territory we are entering here !

Is it though? Where were those WMDs in Iraq?

I think Bush and company did seek the truth, but without enough vigor. Many of us did believe him at the time. W didn't have too much reason to believe he would just create lies. I think Trump has an unprecedented lack of credibility, and in matters of national security the Pres needs our backing to make things happen. Or does he?

Bush pressured the intelligence to say what he wanted it to, then said "that's what they told me".

President's, and/or their representatives, can lie, and, historically, do from time to time.

They CAN be wrong too, but, lies are not that salient.

The DIFFERENCE with Trump is that:

His base will believe anything he says, or that they were told he said, etc....and even if they think it could be a bad thing, they rationalize it.

The fake news industry, ironically, is Trump's approximately 100% of all the fake news that has legs, is designed to make him look better/cheer on his base/attack the opposition, etc.

No one EXCEPT his base believes a word he says, because, statistically, the truth would be an exceptional finding in his case.

His base is ~ 1/3 the country, but, they VOTED...becoming the majority voting block by a whisker in some (enough) places.

So, credibility, OUTSIDE of his base, is not in the cards for his administration.



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