The hitman is always a cop. So is the 12 year old girl.

Below you'll find a video that was all over the news yesterday. It shows a wife hiring a hitman to knock off her husband. There are lots of similar videos on Youtube. What they all have in common is that the hitman turns out to be an undercover cop. How can people be so stupid?: hitmen are always cops!

The same thing with the pedophiles who engage in sexy rapport with a 12 year old girl and arrange to meet them at a hotel. DUH! It's never a 12 year old girl, it's always a cop.

I ask again, how can people be so stupid as to risk meeting someone they don't know, attempting to do something that will put them in the slammer and ruin their lives?

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The real question is why can people be so base and dishonorable to believe that killing someone you know will make your life better?

So a 21-year-old mother of two tries to have her husband and the father of her children murdered. I doubt her defense attorney bothered with a jury trial with evidence like this. ("Don't kill him in the house. Too messy! *Giggles* Do it outside!") Mostly likely: plea bargain, straight to prison, she loses everything, gets divorced and loses her parental rights.

She could have skipped all of that and divorced him. Then she gets everything: her freedom, the house, the kids, the child support checks, and Hubby gets the shaft.

How completely stupid.


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