The history of bibleland

Prehistoric bibleland
Assuming you are not in the fundamentalist category you know humans along with all primates arose in Africa. Some left such as orangutans and gibbons showing it did not take any particular intelligence. Australopithecus, an early species of hominid also left Africa. There were others.

And we, Homo Sapiens, left Africa. The easiest way out of Africa was down the Nile, east along the coast and through bibleland. Otherwise swimming or boats are needed. Thus bibleland has been continuously inhabited by people for some 60,000 or more years. Note that 60,000 years ago the sea level was some 300 feet lower. The Red Sea was much smaller in those days and swimming or rafting is not out of the question as a means of crossing out of Africa into Asia.

Because of this continuous human habitation for 60,000 or more years, more than simple evidence of human habitation is needed to find evidence of the bible stories.

Egyptian rule of bibleland

Bibleland appears in real history with Herodotus
Three different ways they could and should have been mentioned but nothing.

by name | by circumcision | by tribute

The coming of the Greeks with Alexander
Conquers Tyre and then marches directly to Egypt bypassing Judea as though it did not exist. The simplest explanation is that it did not exist.

There are two inventories of Alexander's conquests. In such inventories one would expect exaggeration rather than minimalization. There is no mention of Judea.

The absence of mention
Ordinarily the absence of mention is little more than a curiosity as far less and 1/10th of one percent of ancient writings have survived. In the case of the bible people it has more importance.

For example, Herodotus collected tall tales as well as facts. One presumes this was to satisfy the expectation people have that travelers will tell entertaining tales of strange people and places.

What makes the silence of Herodotus on bible people interesting is that if they existed they were the strangest people in all the world. They had only one god. Even stranger, when they are mentioned in real history, no one remarks upon this strangest of all people who have only one god.

The simplest explanation is that they had more than one god. And that is what real history and archaeology shows. The narrative of the Old Testament is at most that of a Yahweh cult among other cults in bibleland. The claim of unanimity in Yahweh worship is belied by facts from real history.

There is no mention of Judea for any reason in Greek records of their Asian kingdom. Even the revolt of the Maccabes is not mentioned by them. This suggests it was either a very minor event or another fictional tale.

The coming of Rome with Pompey
Pompey of the Triumverate was given a three year commission to eliminate pirates instead of the usual 'do the job and come home' charter. Instead of three years it took four months. He used his charter to expand the influence of Rome in the region. Mainly he committed Roman troops to the highest bidder. This lead to permanent garrisons and quickly to Roman rule.

The people of bibleland

The people did not rise above shepards and dirt farmers before the Greeks. Every major population center including all of those attributed to Soloman have been identified as outposts of other civilizations. The people of bibleland made no contribution to civilization, ever, of any kind. Our religious culture has a foundation in treating the people of bibleland as praiseworthy, noble, religious and so forth. The problem is what they had for a religion does not pass muster as a religion today save for indigenous peoples far from civilization as it was solely a ritual/taboo, genital mutilating, animal sacrificing religion. It was religions like this in Africa that inspired missionaries to save them from themselves.

We can look at the good guys of bibleland in many ways and usually wrong because of religious prejudices but one thing no one can disagree with. At no time did they ever contribute anything to human civilization.

There was no art, architecture, literature, science, engineering, math, astronomy, or anything these people contributed. They are a cipher in history.

Further they did not leave written contracts, administrative records, royal decrees or any of the other types of written material that are found in quantity in other civilizations. Nor have records upon which the Old Testament could have been based been found. In all of bibleland not a single, authentic inscription of a single bible passage been found. The only exceptions are where the material was borrowed from other civilizations such as the prayer to Ra which is in the book of Psalms as, may his light shine upon you.

They did not invent monotheism. Believers try to salvage the bible by declaring them henotheists, a word invented to salvage a belief they were monotheists from the clear statements in the Old Testament. But even if one believes they were monotheists because of the bible, the bible says it was revealed to them so they did not invent it. And if one wants to go the secular route and say it was a human invention then there is no basis for saying it got the right god.

And before bragging about monotheism, consider they are the only religions which start wars based upon religious beliefs. Going by body count montheism is a very bad idea.

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