I cant help but wonder why someone who has strayed from thier faith in God, or came to the conclusion that God does not excist, would spend so much time arguing that they are correct. Makes me wonder what is happening inside them that they have to keep coming back to a online chat site to reasure themselfs that they are not alone in thier beliefs. What was so wrong that alot of you have turned your backs on God. Alot of converations on this site are posted by people who are very educated on the scriptures. So once apon a time you had the drive to find God to be pleasing to him......and then what happened????? The thought that keeps coming to mind when i read how passionate some of you are to smite Christians is not that you dont believe in God but that you are mad at God, like you believe that he has wronged you. I think that all of you, deep in your hearts know God. So explain to me folks, what happened?

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-Atheists are a minority and come together because they feel ostracized by their theistic friends/family/country. Like any human being, we need emotional support because it hurts to be turned on just because we don't believe.

-What happened inside us was a conflict between reason and irrationality; a conflict between lying to ones self and not being able to deny the facts; discovering the difference between wishful thinking and reality... what happened inside us was LIBERATION from superstition, sexism, racism, genocide, etc etc etc...

-We did not turn our backs on God any more than we turned our backs on the Tooth Fairy. He isn't real.

-Yes, once upon a time we had a drive to please him; what happened is that we discovered we were talking to ourselves when we prayed. The silence was deafening.

-We are not mad at God. We are mad at Christians for pushing their beliefs into all aspects of our lives where it doesn't belong; we're tired of being told to believe in fairy tales and having our personal lives monitored. Our inner life is actually none of your business, and religion does not belong in politics. I do not believe God wronged me. Christianity wronged me... the institution. It lied to me. It's lying to you as we speak, but you have no desire to crawl out from under that rock. You NEED religion to make you feel whole; we don't. So take your own insecurities somewhere else.

-I believe, deep in my heart, that Christians are very delusional and need to stop JUDGING people that do not believe the same way they do. There is no god, Ben.

I'm sure you won't like my answer. What I'd like to know is why YOU are here. It seems like you're trying to get points in Heaven for converting an Atheist. It's not gonna happen.
Cara, I would love to see you just tell some fundie to "fuck off" one day...
That would just make my day.
lol and I would love to say it, but alas, I cannot do it on this site. maybe I'll create an anonymous account and go nuts then ban myself! ;)
I don't come here to 'reasure' (reassure?) myself. If I were the only person on earth to know there is no God, I'd think everyone else to be mentally inept. I'm not here for reassurance that I'm correct, I come here for ammo in combating this disease that plagues the less intelligent (and causes the less intelligent to become a plague to the more intelligent, hint hint).

If it weren't for religion, we'd have a cure for cancer, AIDS, pollution, we'd be exploring other galaxies, and have world peace. Okay, maybe not all of those, but to have even just one would, in my mind, be worth burning every last Evangelical Christians at the stake and forcing every last Jihadding Muslim to drown in a lake of pigs blood (actually, I'm all for just doing it to raise the planet's average IQ).

Religion is what will eventually cause the movie 'Idiocracy' to be filed in the 'documentary' section. Oh, and deep in my heart is muscle tissue and blood, not God. I'd insult you back for calling me a theist, but no insult tops calling someone a 'theist.' Don't expect a Christmas card this year, Benny.


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